Do you want to know how to delete Facebook account forever? If you are tired of Facebook and want to delete your account, I won’t blame you. Whether you are tired of the Facebook drama on your newsfeed or maybe you are just fed up with social media. Before, deleting your Facebook account used to be a very tedious and long process, but that is not the case anymore. In this article, I will be showing you how to delete Facebook account forever or deactivating the account for a while. Before we walk through the steps to delete, I want you to know that Facebook gives you two options whenever you decide to close the account. You can choose to deactivate it or to delete it forever.

How To Delete Facebook Account Forever - Facebook Account Sign Up

How To Delete Facebook Account Forever

Deleting your Facebook account forever means erasing all your date from Facebook completely while deactivating, keep your data on Facebook until you decide to be back on it. When you delete your account, you would not be able to reactivate it and also won’t be able to use Messenger to chat. Deactivating account, you can still be active on Facebook messenger and your chats will still be visible. You must be logged in to your Facebook account either through the web or the mobile app.

Delete my Facebook Account

Now if you want to delete your Facebook account, it is very easy and simple, all you have to do is to know the steps. Now is it really possible for a Facebook account to be deleted, well, yes it is. But do you know what makes users on Facebook so curious? Users on the Facebook platform want to know if it is possible to delete a Facebook account forever. If you really want to know if it is possible to delete a Facebook account forever, then you should read on.

Delete Facebook Account Now

Well, yes you can delete Facebook account forever and won’t see it or be able to access it anymore. But you must know that before you can delete a Facebook account, you must know what to do. Now, most users really love to delete their Facebook account but don’t know how to. Which is the mean reason I am writing this article, show other Facebook users how to easily delete their Facebook account. But before any process is taken, there will be some steps to show you how to login to your Facebook account. Just read on.

Delete Facebook Accounts

Users want to know if it is possible to delete more than one Facebook account. Well yes, it is possible for you to delete more than one Facebook account. All you have to do is to delete one account first and then log in to the other account that you want to delete. This is how it is done, all you need is to know the process and then you are all set for it. But like I said earlier you must log in to your Facebook account before you can delete it.

How to Sign in to Facebook

Logging in to Facebook can be very easy if you still have the login details with you. You can use the web or the app. Follow the guidelines below to log in;

  • Proceed to the Facebook official website at or you open the Facebook mobile app downloaded on your device.
  • On the page that will appear, enter the login details; your mobile number or the email address and the account password. Then click on Log in.

If the details are correct the account homepage will be displayed. You can also reset your account password if you have forgotten it by clicking on Forgot password.

How to Delete Facebook Account

When you want to delete your Facebook information, it might be a very nice idea to download a copy of your information before you commence the process. If you have thought about it and want to commence, follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow at the right corner and hit on Settings.
  • A list of settings will be displayed, click on “Your Facebook information” option and then “Delete your account and information”.
  • A page will appear with Facebook suggestions for deactivating the account or downloading your Facebook information. If none got your interest, then click on “Delete Account”.
  • Enter the account password and click on continue.

The process will begin and if in case you wish to cancel the deletion, Facebook will give you 30days before the final process. You can log in to cancel the deletion process.

How to Deactivate your Account

If you wish to take a break from Facebook, you can deactivate the account and still be using your Messenger. Follow the steps below to deactivate;

  • Follow the one to three from the deletion guide.
  • Hit on Deactivate Account.
  • You can also to Settings> general>Deactivate your account.
  • Type in the account password and tap hit on continue.

You will be logged out of the account. To reactivate it back, all you need to do is to log in back with the login details.