Are you wondering what the Facebook marketplace app means? Well, we’ve got you covered. Facebook marketplace app is an in-built business page or forum on the Facebook platform. It is a digital marketplace where users go to buy trade or sell products, services, goods or items with other people in their area who are also using the Facebook marketplace. The Facebook marketplace app permits users to;

Facebook Marketplace App - Facebook Trading Platform
  • Search for items or products on the page that they want to buy.
  • Search for items by their category or location.
  • Make their item listing.
  • View all their previous and current transactions and messages on the page.
  • Set up custom bids.
  • Interact with buyers or sellers got to arrange for transactions of the items.

Facebook marketplace app is available for anybody 18 years and above in UK, US, Canada, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, Romania, South Africa and many other countries that are not listed here, though it is not still available to many countries. It is available on Android and IOS devices.

How to Access the Marketplace App from your Facebook

Accessing the Facebook marketplace app is very easy and fast, only if it available in your country. Facebook is still working on their marketplace, so be patient if it hasn’t got to your country yet. To access the marketplace on your device, you must have a Facebook account profile. You can log in to your account if you already have or simply create a new account by follow the simple guides below;

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app if you have installed on your device or go to
  • Create a name for the account; your first name, surname and hit on Next.
  • Choose the date you were born from the options there.
  • Enter your mobile number or sign up with your mobile number.
  • Select your gender either female or male and hit on Next.
  • Generate a strong password for the Facebook account and hit on Sign up to submit.

The Facebook profile will be created and you would be prompted to verify the account with either the email or mobile number. A confirmation mail or text will be sent to you.

You login to account if you already have a profile on the platform. Follow the steps below to do so;

  • Open the mobile app or head on to
  • Type in your email address or the mobile number and password.
  • Hit on the login tab to load the profile.

The Facebook profile will be loaded on the device if the details are confirmed to be correct. You can reset the account password if you’ve lost it by hitting on “Forget Password”.

Accessing the Marketplace App

Once your account has been created or logged in successfully, you can now access the Facebook Marketplace app from your Facebook page. You can access the marketplace app by following the simple guides below;

  • Open the Facebook apk or proceed to the marketplace at
  • Tap on the menu’s icon.
  • Hit on the Shop sign, if you didn’t find it on that page, hit on see more to locate.

The marketplace will be loaded on the Facebook page. You can buy and sell from the app.