Do you want to use zoom for real-time and do you own a pc device? Relax, you do not have to bother yourself looking for the zoom website as the app is available for your pc. As we all know, zoom has made a lot easier during times whereby making visits and gathering was limited due to the spread of covid 19 which is highly contagious. As it is being used for organizing meetings which are done through real-time or video calls. Zoom app for PC is however an enterprise video conference and real-time messaging app built from the ground to meet the needs of teams that have an interest in getting things done together without having to meet up with each other physically.

Zoom App for PC - Download Zoom App for PC

Furthermore, with the Zoom app for windows, you can organize or join meetings or conferences using a wider screen which is your windows or pc device. But before you can use this app on your Pc, you have to first install the app on your Pc device. There are two ways by which you can install the Zoom app on your device. Either with the use of Microsoft store or with the download website which is known as Zoom download center. However, steps on how to process each would be listed for you so as for you to choose where you feel more comfortable downloading the zoom app for pc from.

Features of Zoom for PC

The zoom app for windows has lots of unique features. Although not all but some of the features of the Zoom app for pc would be listed for you. One of these features is that it enables you to get to zoom faster on your pc without the need for a web browser. While other features of the Zoom app for pc includes;

  • Easy to use platform for PC
  • Very easy to operate interface
  • Allows you share your screen
  • Allows you find different meeting controls
  • Home tab gives you various options which you can pick any
  • VoIP connectivity

These although are not all the features of the zoom app for windows. There are still many more features of the Zoom app for Pc to discover. Therefore, install the app on your device, discover them, and get free access to all of them especially after creating an account.

Zoom App Download for Windows

The Zoom app download for Pc is however totally free and doesn’t require you to pay before downloading and installing the app. However as mentioned earlier above, there are two platforms by which you can process zoom app download for pc which includes with the use of Microsoft store which is available on your pc and also with the use of the download website. Here are steps for you below;

Download Zoom for PC (Microsoft Store)

  • Open your windows Microsoft store
  • Using the search engine locate the Zoom app
  • Click on the app
  • Tap on the get button

Zoom for Windows (Website)

  • Visit zoom download center @
  • Scroll down and click on the download button of the zoom client for meetings
  • Download would commence immediately

After the download is complete, install the app and start accessing it. The zoom download center has different apps for download which can be a bit confusing on which to download. Therefore, you are to download the first one which is Zoom clients for the meeting. However, if you want to download others, you can as it is also free. But for real-time, it is the zoom client for meeting app that you should download.