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www.zonkewap.com is wap portal that is been redirected to www.waptrick.one portal. This is a free and open platform where users can easily download games, music, videos, Themes and pictures.When it comes to mobile files zonkewap.com is here to give the best for your mobile. Lots of users have been trying to access this portal for a long time without knowing that it has been redirected to www.waptrick.one wap portal.


This is because they had similar content and files. A user doesn’t need to make use the waptrick url because I said that it has been redirected. You can still make use of www.zonkewap.com as it url whenever you want to visit the portal. Start downloading with zonkewap today it’s free no sign up or login process.

Zonkewap.com Web Platform

On the zonkewap.com platform user can get free access to download lots of digital files for free. The files on this platform are not just digital file they are mobile supported files. If you are using a mobile device visit zonkewap to download your favorite mobile content.

This web portal has all it content in various categories just like on www.waptrick.one portal. Users make use of each of the category to search for a particular content on this platform. The categories make identification of digital files easy for a user the category are listed below.

  • Dropant Play Online.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Themes.
  • Live Wallpapers.
  • Animations.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Videos.
  • Games.
  • Applications.

These are the basic section you find on the home menu they are the default zonkewap categories. I we be talking on just few category on this platform for users to understand what type of file they can download on this platform.

Zonkewap Music – Zonkewap Mp3

There is lots of music in Mp3 when you visit the web portal and click on the music section. Sometimes the music section is not always available but you can always download mp3 music on www.emp3z.com web portal.

if you love music why not visit zonkewap music section to download all your favorite music in mp3 format. Downloading of music from this portal is free. Users can download at any time and with any device.

There are other web portals where you can download music from like tubidy.com which we all know as the Mp3 search engine. Zonkewap mp3 music is also same as that of tubidy mp3 music but there are less mp3 music here compare to tubidy.com web portal.

Zonkewap.com Download

Downloading of media files has always been easy when you choose to logon to this portal. You can always download digital files ranging from mobile game to animation but note that its same as the waptrick.one portal.

Users are always redirected to waptrick.one when they make use of the official url. You can always get access to free song lyrics horoscopes and dropant online games where you can play games online for free.

The admin has made it possible that from time to time there have been a regular updates on all sections on this platform. This is to make it possible that users get the list version of every digital file they want on their device.