How can I create a new Zoho account or is creating a Zoho email account free? In this article, you can learn the simple step on how to set up or create a new account with There are different type of email account in the world today. Some of the popular email service providers include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, and more Zoho is one of the popular India email services providers that provides you with email tools to communicate and interact with people. The Zoho mail sign up serves as one of the first steps in acquiring a Zoho email account.

Zoho Mail Sign up - How to Create a New Zoho Email Account

Zoho offers users web-based business tools which is commonly referred to as an online office suite. Services offered by include Technology, Information Technology, Software Development, and Cloud Computing. The Zoho mail sign up is one of the services offers that allows you to unlock the various online office suite. Creating a new Zoho account is different from other several email services providers. The Zoho mail sign up requirement including using an email account, Google, LinkedIn, and also others to sign up for a free account. Unlike most email service provider that allows you to create your own unique email, instead, you can use other third-party services to create a new account with

How to Create a New Zoho Mail Account

Just like I stated earlier, to create a new Zoho Mail account is completely free and you can use other email accounts like Outlook or Gmail to set up a new account with Most importantly, the signing up for Zoho mail account is accessible to everyone in different countries. Use the following procedure to sign up for a Zoho mail account:

  1. Go the official website
  2. Then, scroll down to the option “Email & Collaboration.”
  3. At the right corner of the page, click on Personal Email.
  4. Create your own unique email with
  5. Create a strong and unique password for your email.
  6. Enter your First name and Last name.
  7. Enter your mobile number and re-enter the number again.
  8. Click on the checkbox to agree to the terms of service.
  9. Finally, click Sign up for Free.

Aside from the following procedure, for instant access to signing up for a Zoho email account, you can use Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and also Twitter to register for an email account with online.

How to Secure my New Zoho Email Account

The factor in which people can get access to your account is if you expose your password. Others also include spam links in which you might come across telling you to click on it. After the creation of your Zoho email account, securing your account is the next step you need to take. Hence follow the step to secure your account:

  1. Turn on the two-step authentication to implement extra security on your account.
  2. Delete unwanted or suspicious links from your spam folder.
  3. Keep your password secure and private from people you don’t trust.
  4. Sign out your email account when you have completed your activities on any device.
  5. Lastly, secure your web browser by activating the antivirus software on your device.

Initially, Zoho email comes with an enhanced security protocol and privacy to help protect and secure your email account. But still, you need to also introduce your own unparalleled security and privacy to secure and protect your account.