Do you have an account with Zoho mail? You can access and connect faster to your email account using the mobile email app. Using the Zoho mail app provides a convenient way in which email users can organize their emails. People prefer to use emails in sending and receiving important messages which are called mails. However, the Zoho mail app is an email app simply dedicated for Zoho users to sign in, sign up whereby they can send important emails or messages to other Zoho email users or other email addresses. The Zoho email app can be installed on any device you want to use to access it. The device includes; your mac, iOS, androids, Linux, and windows.

Zoho Mail App - Download Zoho Mail App for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Furthermore, the Zoho mail app has extraordinary features, for you to see those features, read through as some of the features of the app would be stated. The mail app gives access to a lot of things which includes calendars, contacts, and file modules. Also note that, for windows, mac, and Linux, the email app for it is the Zoho mail lite as the Zoho mail app for mobile devices is different from that of pc. This is because the pc has a different setting. Also, there are no charges using the app and it does not take much space on your device.

Features of Zoho Mail App

You might be wondering what the Zoho mail app has to offer, of course, it has more than a lot to offer. However, Zoho mail is easier to access via the app than the mail website. The Zoho app features can only be enjoyed when you start accessing the app. You can start enjoying these features by downloading the app on your device. Here are some of the app features;

  • It supports multiple account.
  • Optimized for android tablets.
  • Archive or delete emails instantly.
  • Advanced search bar.
  • Make your schedules using the calendar.
  • Compose emails offline to be sent as soon as an internet connection comes in.

There are still more features of the Zoho mail app that you can discover. However, if you have not downloaded the app, sign up or sign in to a Zoho mail account, I must say you are missing out on enjoying the features that the mail mobile offers to its users.

Download Zoho App for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Zoho mail app for desktops is different from mobile devices as well as the download process. The app for desktop devices is called the Zoho mail lite. You can search for the Zoho mail lite on your desktop web browser to download the mail app on your desktop. The steps listed below can serve as a step-by-step guideline in having a successful Zoho app download on your desktop.

For Mac users.

  1. Go to the download page to download the file package
  2. Open the package file to install
  3. Click on the continue button/ link
  4. After that, click on the install button
  5. To process your installation, enter your mac password
  6. Click on the close button after the installation completes.

For Linux Users

  1. Visit the download page to download the file for your device
  2. Open the Debian package
  3. Click on the install button located at the Linux software center to install
  4. You can now open the app from your device launcher.

For Windows

  1. Go to the download page
  2. Open the executable file to launch the install window
  3. On the user control alert page, click yes to proceed
  4. In the set-up window provide the destination folder
  5. After the install is complete, click on the finish button/ link.
  6. Launch the app by clicking the start menu.

After downloading the Zoho mail app, on your desktop device, you can now access it without having to visit the website. However, the mail app makes it easier to access the email platform without having to log in to your account again and again on the website.

Download Zoho Mail App for iOS and Android Devices

The Zoho mail app is available on an app store you want to download it from. For android users, you can find the app on your Google play store. While for iOS users the app can be gotten from the apple app store. Although the download process from both app stores is the same. The only difference is that both app store has different install buttons. You can follow the steps listed below to download the Zoho app on your mobile device.

  1. Open your mobile device app store
  2. Using the search engine locate the Zoho app
  3. Click on the app from the alternatives listed
  4. For iOS users click on the get button
  5. For android users, click on the install button

After you have click on the install button and the app completes the downloaded on your device. You can now access the Zoho mail app on your device. However, the essence of the search engine because not all apps are available on your app store homepage.