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YTS – Download YTS YIFY Movies Online | YTS Torrent Download

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YTS is a platform that allows users to upload high quality movies that they can download and save to their device. With this platform, you can avoid paying to watch movies at the theaters. YTS was the re-branded as YIFY, it started its own torrent website featuring high quality release of the latest movies. All the movies performed on YTS are optimized to the maximum in order to reduce their size and make those movies available to people. This website was a real blast, it became popular overnight, especially among those who were in constant search of freshly released movies of high quality.

YTS - Download YTS YIFY Movies Online | YTS Torrent Download

However, the site has a huge selection of movies, and an easy to use search. It has a nice presentation, that makes it easy to navigate and find interesting movies. YTS movies online site allows you to download movies in different quality like 720p Blu-ray and 1080p. YTS YIFY movies download stream is on the top list due to its speed and selection. The nice thing about this YIFY movies site is that there are plenty of comments and reviews. YTS has made easy for movie lovers to browse and download their best movies anytime and anywhere. YIFY movies TV has made it possible to access the best movie quality anytime through your personal computer or Android phones as long as you have a reliable data connection.

Why Should I Download Movies on YTS?

Regardless of the gossips stating that this site is scam. It actually provides good service to the customers. However, videos are available in 720p, 1080p, and 3D versions. It was designed to give amazing video quality. The following reasons will help change your mind.

  • There are no ads or malware: YTS operations are absolutely ads-free
  • The audio encoding is much advanced: The sound quality was one of weakness of the old YIFY. But this new system surpassed that, the audio quality is crystal clear.
  • There is a wide selection of subtitles: Here users can obtain subtitles according to the torrent they are downloading. The files are accurate and in sync with the movies.
  • It respects user’s privacy: The security features are put in place to respect the privacy of users. The company has no intention of collecting the personal information of its customers for any reason whatsoever.

Inconclusion, YTS is a home of tremendous variety of movies, it focuses on HD downloads using minor files. This is good if you are trying to manage data.  However, you can also know the movie ratings ang genre before you download.

How Do I Download Movies Using UTorrent?

Downloading movies, you haven’t purchased is generally against the law in some countries. And it can result to large copyright fines or even jail time. However, a torrent file contains data about a file you want to download.  UTorrent uses information to download the file from another user’s computer. So always make sure you download movies using UTorrent.

  • Open your preferred web browser, you can use Edge, chrome or Firefox.
  • Search for a torrent website
  • Type the movie name into the search bar
  • Click on Enter
  • Search for a healthy torrent
  • Click a torrent to review its feedback
  • Download the torrent
  • Double-click the torrent file to open it in UTorrent.
  • Select a download location
  • Click Add or OK
  • Wait for the file to download
  • Scan the downloaded file for viruses
  • Click on the downloaded file to start watching,

Inconclusion, you can download movies using the uTorrent whenever you wish. However, the ideal time to do this is when no one is using the internet, because it needs a strong internet connection to process with ease. I hope this article was helpful.

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