www.youtube.com is a video blog. Where users are free to create an account. And start sharing videos on their blog. A blog on www.youtube.com is been refer to as Youtube channel. Because it’s not a blog where you have to upload written materials. It’s strictly video and comment. Every user who has a channel is free to upload videos to his or her channel.

YouTube - How to Manage your YouTube Account | YouTube Account Set Up

This is a video blog that welcomes both media corporations and single individual. Majority of the content on youtube are been uploaded by individual users on this platform. There are other media corporations likes Vevo, BBC and many more.

YouTube Sign In | Login

www.youtube.com sign in gives you access to upload and comment on other user’s videos. Sign in doesn’t give you access to download video from this portal. Sign in to the www.youtube.com portal and enjoy lots of benefits such as.

  • Free upload of video
  • Gain access to subscribe to any ones channel
  • Gain access to comment on videos

Majority of users really don’t know where to get the youtube.com sign in page.  Most users don’t even know when they sign in to this portal. By default the  sign in icon is located at the top most right corner. Users that already have a Gmail account don’t need to sign up to this portal. By default when you login to your Gmail account on a particular web browser you are automatically logged in to the official portal. This is the Google policy that regulates the use of all Google account. Where by a user has to use one Google to all Google account.

How to Upload Youtube video on Any Website

Videos in this portal are ranging in various quality levels. When it comes to watching a video outside this platform.  For instance on a web page outside this website.

There are no restrictions as this portal makes use of HTML to embed a video on a web page. This is common with most social media. Such as facebook. Where you see videos from youtube on Facebook. A user can copy and paste the link on Facebook. That way the video automatically appears on Facebook. The same applies to other websites and web pages.

How to Get Download Links on www.youtube.com 

There is no download link to videos on this portal. Users are only allowed to watch videos through web page. There is no official download section or page.

But there are third party software and web site. Such as plug-ins that can be installed on web browsers. That allows users to easily download any video on this portal.

Majority of smart phones can access YouTube videos, either using an application or from the official youtube website. They are also download manager available for smart phone users. There are also ways you can download video right from the video URL.

How to Download Video Directly From Youtube

By default there is no download link or page. Where you can download a particular video. But I am going to unveil a way you can download any video from this portal without using any download manager or web site.

  1. Using any web browser visit www.youtube.com
  2. Search for the video you want to download and click on it.
  3. On the same page as if you want to play the video.
  4. Just at the URL bar where you have the link to the video.
  5. Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsNC2qaCamw delete https://www.
  6. And replays it with ss and press the enter key just like this ssyoutube.com/watch?v=GsNC2qaCamw.
  7. By doing this it we automatically link you to a page where you see various file formats of the video.

Select the file format you want by clicking on the small icon close to the file format. And click on more. To see full list of file format such as MP4 720p, MP4 720p, MP4 360p, MP4 1080p, MP4 480p, WebM 360p, FLV 240p, 3GP 240p, 3GP 144p and Audio MP4. Click on any of these file formats to start the download.