Yelp for Business – Download Yelp for Business App

Yelp is one of the most popular and largest user-generated review platforms. Its content helps consumers find local businesses across different categories such as bars, restaurants, shops, contractors, and just about any other local services. Yelp is the most trusted online business directory when it comes to reviews. With over 120 million monthly users, using yelp for business can be very powerful. And also, Yelp is the best for local business that wants to get found online. Yelp for business will make it easy to connect with new customers and grow your business. Having a good presentation will help you establish trust with your potential customers.

Furthermore, using Yelp for business helps you to get in front of many customers when they are searching for local businesses like yours. To make use of it for maximum results, all you just need to do is download the mobile app or visit the official website. After that, build your Yelp business profile, respond to all inquiries and reviews and use the ads and enhanced features to attract customers and grow your sales. With Yelp for business, you can grow your local and home services business with a range of solutions from yelp that helps to attract more customers. 

What Type of Companies Should Make use of Yelp for Business

There are lots of amazing features on Yelp that can help potential customers learn more about your business. You can post what is new, unique, and hot about your business.

Every day, people share thousand of ratings and opinions of local businesses from comedy clubs and restaurants to pet grooming, home cleaning services, and contractors. However, do you want to know the main companies that can use yelp for business? Do not worry. Below are the nine main business types Yelp is right for;

  • Entertainment
  • Nightlife like clubs and bars
  • Home Services such as electricians, plumbers, contractors, home cleaners, and movers
  • Restaurants and foodservice
  • Auto services, such as auto repair, dealers, towing, dealers, detailing,
  • Beauty services
  • Health and Fitness
  • General services like pet grooming and computer repair
  • Professional services such as accountants, caterers, legal services, and consultants

If you did not see the main category that fits your business, try searching Yelp for the business services that your company offers. To do is, just visit and enter the keyword that is related to your business in the search bar. Then, check the category of businesses that shows in the search results

Why Should I Use Yelp for Business

Many people often make use of Yelp to increase their business online visibility and build brand awareness. It has a very high domain authority, so listing can rank very high on Google for search queries a small business can struggle to rank for. Millions of users visit Yelp directly or from Google searches, giving businesses a way to get found easily online without making a big investment in other local SEO services.

Companies that make use of Yelp for business can take advantage of the platform’s an advertising and marketing features.  From PPC advertising that puts a business listing at the top of the platform results in a call to action button that makes it very easy for customers to make a purchase or request a quote. These audience engaging features helps to increase sales for the business using the yelp

Is Yelp Free for Business?

It is free to manage and set up a profile, making it a very good choice for many small businesses. However, to get the most from your Yelp profile, you should invest in premium features and consider advertising for your business on it.

For example, for one dollar per day, your business can add a call to action button o remove competitors’ ads from showing on your page.  There is so much to enjoy with the paid page upgrades. And it will help your page rank very high. Download the app or visit the official website for more options about the prices.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is made available to download from Google Play and the App Store. In other words, it is available for mobile phones only. Desktop users can opt for the website version. Downloading the Yelp for business app is very easy and does not require much at all. All you just need is a stable connection and you are very good to go. Nevertheless, below is how to download the app, check it out;

  • Open the Google Play or App store
  • On the homepage, make use of the search engine to search for ‘’Yelp for business’’
  • For the Google Play store, click on download or install on the next page
  • And for the iOS app store, click on Get and then Install

With the above, you can successfully download the app on your device anytime any day. Once you download the Yelp app, you can now make use of your business growth.

How Access it

The process of using it is very easy and it is free unless you go for the paid option or advertising to extend your business on the platform. From signing up and managing your profile, below is the step to make use of Yelp for business

  • Sign up for Yelp business on the app or website  or claim a profile if you already have one
  • Add your business information once you create a profile. The information includes business name, categories, location, hours, contact information, your website address, business description, more business info section, and a photo gallery.
  • Get your reviews from existing customers and put them on your profile to attract new customers
  • Monitor your account and respond to both good and bad reviews from customers
  • Make use of enhanced business features
  • Remove competitor Ads from your business page
  • Advertise your business on Yelp

Once you do all these, you should be able to take your business to another level with the help of yelp. You should also be able to attract potential customers and increase your sales

Yelp for business owner’s login- To make use of the login next time, you do not need to create an account again. All you just need to do is sign in to your account with your details. And to do that, just visit the or app and click on the login option at the top of the page. After that, enter your email address, and password and click on login. Once you do all these, you will be granted access to your business page.