How do I sign out my Yahoo Mail? One of the ways to safeguard your Yahoo mail account is to sign out especially when you are using a public device. It is however very important to process Yahoo mail sign out as it protects your account against unauthorized logins. There are many reported cases of the hacked yahoo mail account. And most times retrieving the account might not be that easy. Because a lot has already been changed on that account. Aside from that, it is normal for an email to send you notifications both relevant and irrelevant ones which might be disturbing during working hours. Therefore, you might want to sign out your Yahoo mail account as it is believed that with that those unnecessary notifications would stop. Read this article as it would guide you on how to sign out your Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail Sign Out - How to Sign out of Yahoo Mail Account

Furthermore, Yahoo Mail sign-out though might be a bit complicated for you especially as a new user. There are many occasions you would have to sign out your yahoo account. Taking for instance, as a Yahoo mail user, forgets your personal device at home and an important mail needs to be customized and sent immediately. The next thing is borrowing a device to sign in to your yahoo mail account. When you leave your account on the device not knowing how to sign out. If that device is publicly used, your account might be in great danger. You can either get to your personal device immediately and sign out of all devices. Or create a new yahoo mail account if signing in again on your personal device is not going through. However, it could have been easier if you had processed the sign out instead.

Why Should I Sign Out Yahoo Mail Account?

There are countless reasons why you should process your yahoo mail sign out. The main ones would be listed for you below. Therefore, these reasons should be enough to convince you to always process yahoo email log out especially when using a generally used device. These reasons include;

  • To prevent others from gaining access to your account.
  • Also, to prevent hacking.
  • To protect your privacy as most times some personal information might be on your Yahoo mail account.
  • For security purposes.

With these reasons and more reasons, you feel is enough to log out your Yahoo mail account from a public device. Majorly the importance of the Yahoo mail logout is to secure and protect your information.

How to Log out Yahoo Account

Two places can be done. The log-out Yahoo mail can be processed on the app and also on the Yahoo mail website. After signing in on a public and generally used device be it a desktop or a mobile device for urgent and emergency reasons, you should follow these steps below to log out your Yahoo email account from that device immediately to protect your account from hackers and intruders. These steps are;

  • Open the app/visit the website
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Click on Manage accounts
  • Tap on your accounts from the list of accounts available on that device
  • Click on the turn off account button
  • Locate and tap on the edit button
  • Click on the remove link to remove your account from that device.

In addition, it is advisable not to save your account on public devices so that after you must have signed out, it would still be inaccessible by any other person. However, if using your personal device, you do not necessarily have to process the yahoo mail sign out. Except you are the owner for a limited time.