There are different areas of communication which include the modern and that traditional way. One of the modern ways is through email communication. Recently, email communication has been upgraded to faster and easier to communicate with people. However, it is no doubt that there are so many email service providers on the internet today which offer 24/7 free services to users to send and receive emails. One of these email services is Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail so far has been one of the most used email services as it has millions of users. All users of the Yahoo mail service however passed through a process before having the access to Yahoo mail and having a Yahoo mail account. This process is known as the Yahoo create account email.

Yahoo Create Account Email - Create New Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo create account email is a registration process that allows you to create a Yahoo mail account. Yahoo account registration is accessible or open for anyone willing to have a Yahoo email account. Not only does the Yahoo create account email give you access to inbox and other normal services. But it also gives you the privilege to enjoy other features which include; daily news updates at your fingertips, weather forecasts, videos, and many more. But in order to get free access to all these, you have to first process the Yahoo create account email.

Steps to Create Yahoo Account

For every registration, there are steps and requirements. The Ymail sign up can be achieved by following some certain simple and important steps and providing the necessary requirements needed to process the Yahoo create an account email account. These requirements include some of your personal information, a new email address or an old one, and your mobile number. With that in your possession, follow these steps listed for you below to process the Yahoo mail sign up via the app and also via the website.

Yahoo Create Account Email via App

  1. Install and open the Yahoo mail app
  2. Click on the create new account link to process Yahoo create account email
  3. Enter your required personal information correctly including an unguessable by others but easy to remember by you, password
  4. Enter your country mobile code and add your phone number for verification
  5. Click on the continue button

Yahoo Create Account Email via Website

  1. Visit the Yahoo mail website
  2. Click on the Create an account button
  3. Enter your personal information required of you
  4. Click on the continue button
  5. Verify your account via your active mobile number

After verification, you can now proceed into your Yahoo mail account or process the Yahoo mail sign in to start accessing your Yahoo mail account. However, you might be wondering what your personal information that would be required of you is as a new user. Your personal information consists of your first name, last name, password, email address, phone number, birth date, and gender (optional). Also, you can use your current email address if you have one to process the Yahoo create account email if you do not want to create a new email address.

How to Login to my Yahoo Account

As an already existing user, you might want to create a new Yahoo mail account for another person or for your business purposes. Well, that is possible as you can create up to a maximum of 10 email accounts on Yahoo mail. These can however be done using either the website or the app. But both processes are the same. Here are steps by which that can be done;

  • On your Yahoo mail account
  • Click on your profile
  • Locate and click on the settings link
  • Click on the manage account link
  • Locate and click on the add account link
  • Click on the create an account button
  • Enter your personal information required of you on the registration page
  • Click on the continue button
  • Verify the account with the verification number that would be sent to you

After creating and adding the new Yahoo mail account, you can however switch accounts anytime you want to access any of them without having to go back to visit the Yahoo mail login page. However, if you have not created an account with Yahoo mail, you are missing out on a lot. Follow the above-listed steps and process the Yahoo create account email today to enjoy all of the Yahoo mail features.