www Facebook Login – Facebook Login Alerts Messenger | Facebook Login Account, Facebook is an online social networking website. Where users can connect to friends and family around the globe. This is a unique social networking platform that has great features and user functionality. Whereby a user can create an account and upload his or her pictures to his Facebook page.

www Facebook Login - Facebook Login Alerts Messenger | Facebook Login Account

In other to access your Facebook profile you need to login to your account. Most people still don’t know what it takes to access their account on this platform. Most time they think that Facebook login steps are really very difficult. They don’t even know what information is required on the Facebook login page.

What’s Facebook login

In other to access any secure website that requires user account you need to enter your login information. Facebook login is a process whereby registered user has to enter their account information and click on Facebook login icon in other to access their Facebook account.

The default web address is www.facebook.com any other web address from this is a wrong address. The Facebook login page is the first web page that comes up when you enter the url in the address box.

There are two options on this page you can either sign up or login when you are on this page. Facebook login process is very easy all you need is an Email and Password you use in creating the account.

Why You Need to Use Facebook Login page

The Facebook login pages give every user ultimate access to their account. Everyone who wants to access his account must go through this page. This is like a welcome page for both  new and existing users.

This is the web page that supports user account information. You can enter your login in information on the login feed. But one thing users should always take note of is that Facebook we never ask you to email your user name or password or write it down as a comment on their web page.

Facebook Login | Login Steps

This is what everyone has been looking out for. This is just like every other social media account access page.

  1. Launch any internet web browser on your PC and enter the URL as www.facebook.com in the address bar of your browser.
  2. The login box where you have to enter your login information is located at the top right side of the page.
  3. Enter your email address and password and click the Facebook login icon.

Note: you need to enter accurate information in other to prevent login error. Take note of your email address and password. If you are making use of your personal computer. You can chick the box below the Email address feed that

You can chick the box below the Email address feed that say Keep me logged in so you we be automatically logged in to your account. For public PC or any other PC that’s not yours. You don’t have to chick the box. This is what most user fail to understand because once you do that.

Whenever the user visit Facebook your account is automatically logged in he doesn’t need to enter any information. he or she has automatically gain full access to your account and all information you have. So its very important that you take note of this features when using a PC that’s not yours.