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Facebook Ads Account – Get Started With Ads Manager | Facebook AdsManager, What is the Facebook ads account? Not too long ago I wrote a blog about Facebook ads. And I know that most of us are still processing that information. Now I am here about the facebook ads account, yes just in case you are wondering. Someone even asked if ads have a separate account. The answer to that is yes.

www.facebook/Adsmanager - Get Started With Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Manager

When we create ads on Facebook for the very first time, you also open an advertising account. Cool right? The Facebook AdsManager account is more like your ads dashboard. This is where everything concerning your ads campaign is done. Settings are accessed here. Ads also are edited here and so much more.

Things That Can Be Done On the Facebook Ads Account

Like I was trying to establish above, there are lots of things that can be done on your Facebook AdsManager. On your facebook ads account you get to manage everything facebook ads with considerable ease. Below are some of the tings and activities that can be done on the facebook ads account;

  1. You can give someone or anyone access to your advertising account. This person can be like another admin on your ads account.
  2. You can also deactivate your ad account and an ad you have created.
  3. With the facebook ad account, a user can easily switch between Facebook ads.
  4. You can remove or change permissions for someone on your account just as the way you can also give permission to someone to manage the ads you have created.
  5. On this platform, you can also create account groups.
  6. Add ‘ad’ account to other account groups.

The above and a host of other things and activities can be done and achieved on the facebook ads account.

How to Add an Advertising Account to Business Manager

To add an ad account to your business manager account follow the steps below;

  1. On your business manager account open the settings.
  2. Click on ad accounts under the people and assets tab.
  3. Select add new ad account on the right hand side of the page.
  4. You will have to choose out of three options on the next page which are request access to an ad account, claim ad account or create a new ad account.

That’s how you can successfully add an ad account to your business manager account.

Facebook Ads Account Limits

Just like every other advertising platform facebook ads also have limits and these limits are listed below;

  1. An ad account can only manage a maximum of 25 users (admin) per account.
  2. Every user can only manage 25 ad accounts.
  3. An ad account can manage up to max 50 ads that are not deleted
  4. A regular ad account is allowed to have 5000 ads that are not deleted.
  5. Also a regular ad account can have up to 1,000 undeleted sets.
  6. A regular ad account can also have up to 1000 campaigns that are not deleted.

These limits only apply to non-deleted ads and campaigns. You will have to delete old campaigns when you reach any of these limits.

How to Create a Facebook Ad Account

When you create a Facebook ad, you automatically create a facebook account. So therefore to have your very own facebook ad account, you need to create a Facebook ad.