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Windstream is a network provider for both data and voice communication (broadband, VoiP, and MPLS) in the United States of America. They also render residential broadband, digital TV, and Mobile Phone services to users in it coverage area.


In terms of rating, Windstream is the ninth largest residential telephone service provider in the United States. It headquarters is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their telephone service covers a total number of 8 million users in up to 22 states in the United States.

www.windstream.net Online Platform

windstream.net is a portal that has multiple function and categories. These are information of things happening around the world. There are lots of activities and trailing sections ranging from.

  • News.
  • Sports.
  • Entertainment.
  • Games.

These are categories that deal with news and helpful information on the above listed menu on windstream.net portal. Users can get an update on their favorite sections such as news, sports, and entertainment when they click on any of this categories.

One attractive section on this platform is the game section. This portal has made it possible that users can now play online games on this platform. The game on this platform is not games that users can download. These are web game that can be played on your web browser. There are lots of game available on this platform ranging from card games, word games, strategy games, and arcade games.

Watch Tv

Watch tv is one of the best section on windstream.net portal. This is just like Netflix where you can watch movie trailer and read more about the movie. In the watch tv section, user can get access to shows, movies, networks, and  tv listings.

Windstream Email

This is a webmail service that gives users access to sign up for an account and start sending email messages. In other, for a user to access their windstream email account you need to sign up for an account. For new users who want to sign up click here and enter your account information.

Windstream Email Login

In other to access windstream Email account you need your email  address and password you sign up with. If you have this information ready let’s get started with the below tips.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url as www.windstream.net in the address bar.
  2. Click on email at the top right section which is the first icon on the menu bar.
  3. Enter your email (example@windstream.net) in the first feed and your password in the second feed
  4. Go through all the information you entered and click on the login icon.

A user can always log in to his account at any time in as much you have your email and password. For a user who don’t know what his or her password is. He or she can click on trouble logging in on the login page to reset his or her password.

There are more to what user can benefit from windstream when they sign up for an account. A user can pay bills, receive email, manage account and lots more.