What is Windows Live Hotmail and how can I access it? Windows Live Hotmail is a webmail service provider. It offers many services online like Hotmail, MSN, SkyDrive password-protected, and more. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1998. Hotmail which later became Windows Live Hotmail was one of the hottest webmail providers. It offers free Microsoft services like sending and receiving emails using your Computer. However, over the years Microsoft has made the brand undergo several name changes and rebranding for example the Windows Live Hotmail was used to replace Outlook Express.

Windows Live Hotmail - How to set up Windows Live Mail | Outlook.com

Furthermore, in 2012 Microsoft said it was going to move all its services like email, contact management, task managing to just one official website. Email services like Hotmail, Live Mail, Office 365, MSN Hotmail, MSN Mail, and others which is now known as Outlook.com. Currently, the Windows Live Hotmail 2021 doesn’t support the applications programming interface that is required to offer the full sync with Outlook.com. So Microsoft has asked its users to switch to Outlook or download its free Mail App.

Live Mail

The Windows Live mail 2012 will soon stop working as announced by Microsoft. But you can still access it if you choose to. To go about it, you must first create a new account for your already existing email address. However, check the box that says manually configured server settings” choose IMAP with the address (ID) as imapmail.outlook.com and port 993 for the incoming service and smtp-mail.outlook.com and port 587 as the outgoing server. Enter your Windows Live Hotmail and click next. Next, you can download your email. Then with your mouse, you can drag and drop your emails from your old account into your new account. But it is important to note that Windows live is no longer supported by Microsoft and it is no longer available for download.

Is the Windows Live Hotmail Still Available?

Well, the Windows Live Hotmail has not been updated since 2012 and will not soon stop working. But importantly you can still download your mails although from a standard email service provider. Microsoft is moving all its email services into a single base that is known as Outlook.com.

How can I Access Windows Hotmail

Although Windows Live Hotmail has not been updated by Microsoft there is an alternate method you can use to access your Windows Live Hotmail. If your ID ends in any of this Live mail, Hotmail Live, MSN live. Also, with Outlook Live, Windows Live Hotmail, and others you don’t need to create a new account to log in. The steps that will be listed below will show you how to go about it.

  • Visit live.com on your web browser
  • Click on sign in
  • Next, enter your email ID
  • Afterwards, you enter your email password and click login.

Finally, after you must have sign in successfully, you can access your emails. Outlook is a major users advantage because with outlook you can perform many functions beyond email service.

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