Where to Buy Bitcoin – Best Places to Buy Bitcoin in 2022

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Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin? If you have been wondering the best place to purchase Bitcoin then you have your hands on the right article. Most times before investing in Cryptocurrency most especially Bitcoin can seem complicated. But it is much easier when you know the best place to buy Bitcoin, trade and how to buy it. Before investing in Bitcoin, there are certain prerequisites that should be put in place.

Where to Buy Bitcoin - Best Places to Buy Bitcoin in 2022

First and foremost, Bitcoin is considered to be the world’s first and most popular Cryptocurrency. For someone that is new to the world of digital financial products, Bitcoin can be an unfamiliar environment. Hence, it is best to be knowledgeable before investing. One of the basic things to know in deciding where to buy Bitcoin since there are tons of Cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there.

The Best Place to Buy Bitcoin

There are different possible ways to purchase Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies at large. You can either decide to buy from the Crypto exchange platform or traditional brokers. There are several Cryptocurrency exchange platforms you can buy Bitcoin from and other Cryptocurrencies. However, there all have different fees and customers protection. Hence, it is best to diligently do your findings before choosing where to buy from.


Binance is regarded as the place the world trades Bitcoin.  On our list, Binance is the best place to buy, sell, trade, and hold Bitcoin easily. Binance is the world’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange platform. in fact, it is the top leading crypto exchange. Also, aside from Bitcoin, you can buy over 500 Cryptocurrencies on the platform. Binance offers seamless options that can help you buy BTC easily via Bank transfer, Credit card, or purchase Bitcoin directly.


Coinbase is also one of the largest Cryptocurrency exchange platforms that you can buy and sell Cryptocurrency. It is considered to be the easiest place to buy and trade cryptocurrency. Coinbase is the easiest place to buy Bitcoin. You can create an account with Coinbase to buy, send, sell and receive BTC. Also, like every other Crypto platform, you can buy varieties of Cryptocurrencies on the platform.


eToro is the world’s leading social investment platform. On the platform, you learn everything about wealth and the knowledge needed to grow your wealth. eToro is also involved in the world of Cryptocurrency trading. You can buy top leading currencies on eToro such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. Most importantly, eToro makes it easier for both beginners and experts to enjoy a comprehensive Cryptocurrency trading experience.

How to Buy Bitcoin Online with Credit/Debit Card

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin but purchasing with your Credit card is one of the easiest way to consider. For this article, I will be listing out the process to purchase Bitcoin from Binance. But before you will be allowed to purchase BTC on Binance, you have to sign up for a Binance personal account, verify your identity and then buy the Crypto of your choice.

  • Visit the official Binance website
  • Log into your Binance Account
  • On the homepage, Tap on Buy Now
  • Next, enter the Flat currency you wish to buy crypto with
  • Afterwards, Enter the Flat amount you want to spend ( the system will show you the amount of Crypto you can get)
  • Next, select your preferred card payment method
  • Then click on continue
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and provide your card information
  • Afterwards, your card will be added, then click on continue
  • Select confirm order
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to verify your payment

Finally, you will see your purchase in your Binance wallet immediately.