Wap.in is an all-around mobile wap site for Games. This wap site deals with only mobile games and Apps ranging from Java to Android. The mobile hub wapin is more like a link to other wap sites that is open to all mobile users. But it makes you feel like you are still in the same interface.

Wapin - Free Games | Music | Videos | Apps | Download on Wapin.com

In other to access wapin portal user needs to enter the url on the url address bar. One mistake that most users make is that they still enter the url as wap.in which is also correct but this url we link you up to waphan portal. No one can really tell whats happing on this site. But the good thing is that you can get all the files on wapin from waphan.com for free.

Wap.in | wapin Official Game url

To get full access to wapin games you can enter the url as wap.in/en/game/ by using this web address you we automatically gain access to the game section of wapin. Where you get to see category like:

  • New Waphan Games
  • Dropant Online Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Kid Games
  • Action Games
  • Racing Games
  • Movie Games
  • Classic Games

Right with your mobile phone you can enjoy all the services on wap.in for free. You can also get free access to waphan.com from this site. This site has the same user interface with waphan. If you are using this two hub for the first time you won’t even know when you are on the waphan portal.

I have been trying to download games directly from this portal but it keeps linking to other sites. But you we also get the file from the portal you are being linked to. One good thing is that there is no login page where you have to enter your login information to access this site and other hub associated with it.