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As we all know the use of mobile number. This is a mobile telephone numbers use to identify a mobile subscriber. It is usually a 10 digit number that is assign to a mobile phone by the wireless carrier. This number is use by other subscriber to contact a particular mobile phone user.

Virtual Phone Number

Each mobile number are been assign by a wireless network carrier. There are lots of wireless network service providers around the globe. But note that not every wireless network service provider works everywhere you have to check for the one that works best in your country.

What’s Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is an online mobile number. That is programmed to forward incoming calls to a particular telephone number or system. With this number you can call, text and faxe.

This is a very unique system that cost less and very easy to use. Subscriber can make use of his or her existing mobile phone. No hardware component is needed if you have already had one.

A virtual phone number can be assign to multiple mobile numbers depending on various time of the day. You can assign your a virtual phone number to forward calls to your office telephone number.

Form 9am to 5pm on a working day and for weekends your home telephone number can be set as the default number where all calls from your virtual phone number we be forwarded to.

Why You Need A Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone number system is very help full for users who wants to access a service online. That requires a particular country mobile verification or maybe they are some level of restriction in your country.

And you need a mobile verification to verify that you are in country like United State, U.K, Australia etc. In other to access their services. You can make use of the virtual phone number system.

Let’s take for instances you own a company that is based in Beijing you can create a virtual phone number for California or London for free without you being in California.

Virtual phone number are best good for traveler and migrants who can always set their new number as the default number where calls can be forwarded to so they can have a steady mobile number.

How to Create a US Virtual Phone Number

  1. Launch your web browsers and enter the web address in the address bar as
  2. Click on the Textfree web at the top right corner on
  3. Click on the sign up icon to create an account.
  4. Enter your new account information in the box such as username password name and email address.
  5. Enter a US zip code. You can get list of US zip code when you click here.
  6. Select from the list of available number displayed in the pop up menu.

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