Viber Messenger – How to Use Viber Messenger on Mobile

Can’t get the Viber Messenger on my devices? Most people are actually finding it difficult to install the Viber Messenger on their devices based on one problem or the others. Viber is also known as Rakuten Viber is a messaging app built with VoIP for real-time communication. It builds with similar apps like Zoom and others which enables instant messaging and communication with friends using features like video call, voice call, and chat features. Viber Messenger is owned by a popular Chinese company known as Rakuten. Learn more about Viber Messenger and also the steps to start with the platform.

Viber Messenger - How to Use Viber Messenger on Mobile

Furthermore, Viber Messenger or Rakuten Viber is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. The platform requires registration and is provided with a cellular phone number. Plus, one of the functionalities of it instant messaging, it enables users to share information or content that includes images, videos, and more. Viber Messenger comes with a paid international landline and also mobile calling services for easy and convenient communication known as Viber Out. Currently, on the platform, billions of people have registered to make use of the platform for messaging. This provides you with free and calls, messages to people from around the world.

Features of Viber App

First of all, Viber Messenger is a free, secure, and reliable messaging and calling app where you can communicate with people with assigned phone numbers. In other to use the platform, you need a data plan and Wi-Fi network. These also include the following feature:

  • Access to free calls in audio and video messenger.
  • Viber is built with a user-friendly interface.
  • It offers you unlimited calls, messages, and most importantly HD video calls.
  • With Group Chat, you can connect with multiple friends, families, and co-workers.
  • It provided you with end-to-end encrypted security to secure your phone calls and text messages.
  • Advanced you communication with lots of GIFs, and Viber Stickers.
  • Using Viber Out, you can enjoy low-cost calls.
  • You can create your own community where you can invite unlimited members to discuss amazing topics and more.

According to reports, Viber Messenger rolls out as one of the most reputable free video call and messaging apps to enjoy the full experience of messaging at the highest level. Just like I stated earlier, you can have the Viber app on your Android, and iOS device.

How to Download the Viber Messenger for Free

Viber is free for download on your respective devices with ease. However, if you’re having an issue trying to download the Viber Messenger app. You don’t need to worry, because we will provide you with the required step you need to install the Viber app on your device.

  • First of all, open the Google Play Store or iOS App Store on your device.
  • Then, open the search and type “Viber Messenger” and click enter to get result.
  • Select Install or Get on your device to download the Viber app.
  • That’s all you need to download the Viber app.

Afterward, you need to set up the app, you can either sign up for a Viber account has a new member. As for existing members, you can click Login, enter the email address associated with your Viber account, and password to manage your account through the mobile phone.

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