There is nobody in this part of the world that does not have a mail account especially when you know the importance of creating a mail. Mails have a way of connecting us with people both far and near, business and relationships have thrived just by making use of mails. Verizon AOL email has given us the opportunity to have a strong connection with friends, families, and colleagues.

Verizon AOL Email - AOL Verizon Sign-up

Verizon AOL Email

AOL Verizon email gives you a personalized mail experience to connect with your friends and family. AOL mail like other webmail programs runs over the internet using standard web browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. However, if you are already using AOL mail Verizon simply go to to enter your login information and start sending e-mails to your loved ones and maybe your clients.

You probably might be surprised to know that AOL mail has an app where you can get the latest headlines to fast-loading email and trending videos. Just by downloading the app, you can get all these on your mobile device. AOL Verizon app brings you notifications around news and important emails. It also helps you stay informed and connected on recent happenings.

Features of AOL mail for Verizon Customers

Verizon AOL email for customers has several features available and they include the following below.

  • aol Verizon mail offers spam protection
  • it checks out your spellings and corrects them
  • you will get protected from virus
  • it supports TLS/HTTPS anytime you log in
  • its email attachment limit is up to 25MB
  • it has an unlimited max mailbox size
  • You can link to other email accounts from other service providers like Hotmail and Gmail.

However, if your AOL mail account is inactive for 90 days it might be deactivated. And at this point, any email sent to it may not be delivered. If after 180 days of inactivity the account will be deleted.

Does AOL Mail Have an App?

If you didn’t know Verizon AOL email has an app, well now you know. The app is so amazing that you can watch the latest news around politics, US, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, weather, and so many other amazing stuff. The website is cool but the app is cooler because you can secure your account with your fingerprint, pattern or pin. Watch video clips and stream NFL games live on your phone by just using the app. You can choose from different topics like animals, celebrity news etc.

AOL Verizon Sign-up

Verizon AOL email creating an account is a very simple process all you have to do is follow these steps below.

  • You first need to visit the official website
  • When you get to the official page, click the Sign in button at the left corner of the page
  • You will see Sign-in or Create account
  • Click on Create my account
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Type in your Email address and password
  • You also need to provide your mobile number and date of birth
  • After that indicate your Gender

So once you click on Continue you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. Congratulations you have successfully created a Verizon AOL email now you can send and receive unlimited messages to your family and friends.

Verizon AOL Email Login

After a successfully sign-up do you still feel the need to login into your account? Well not to worry if you don’t know to login into your Verizon AOL email account just follow these steps below.

  • As usual, you have to visit the main website
  • Immediately the main website page will pop up just click on Sign-in
  • After that enter your email address and password on the space provided.
  • Then click on Next

The next page will take you directly to your account where you can send and receive messages. You can also learn how to send and reply to emails while adding a signature and customizing your font.

How Do I Access my Verizon AOL Email Settings?

To access your AOL mails on your device just follow these steps below. This can be quite difficult for some people but don’t worry we are here to make it easier for you.

  • Once you are logged into your account tap the settings icon from your home screen
  • Click on the Mail menu
  • After that Tap Accounts
  • Then Tap Add Accounts
  • Click AOL
  • Type in your name, email address, and password that you used during the registration process.

Once you have finished that just tap next and follow the remaining instructions. You see, the steps were not as difficult as you thought. I hope this article was helpful.