You probably might have heard about Venmo. If you haven’t, it is an online payment platform. This platform is not just for peer to peer payments but it can be adopted for business. This is what this article Venmo for Business is about and this means we will be discussing strictly how to use this platform for business purposes. Most people do compare Venmo to PayPal. The reason is that both platforms work similarly as they both can be used to make payments online as well as for businesses.

Venmo For Business - How To Use Venmo For Business | Using Venmo For Business

Some people or individuals are yet to understand how Venmo works. Well, if you find yourself among such a category of people, you should start paying attention. Venmo is a mobile banking app as well as a website where customers can link their debit or credit card and send money to friends or businesses. With Venmo, once payment is complete, it appears on an overall feed including an individual’s feed. This goes a long way in helping users keep track of their payments.

Accept Payments Via Venmo

Venmo for business can be used in accepting payments online. Now the platform is owned by PayPal. If you already have PayPal, then you can begin accepting Venmo payments. There is an inbuilt option to accept Venmo payments on your business mobile site. You should understand that when you accept Venmo via PayPal, there will not be a Venmo pay button on your website. In this case, your customers will select checkout with PayPal and then pay with PayPal or pay with Venmo. If your customers pay with Venmo, they will receive a Venmo branded receipt. You must know that there is no additional fee to accept Venmo payments via PayPal or implementation to set it up.

Is Venmo for Business Free

Now, if Venmo for business is free is a question that deserves an answer. If you are going to use a platform for business, you should know what you are going into. If you are already paying for PayPal, then you should know that Venmo transactions are included in your current rate. Venmo is not free; all transactions processing payments are with fees.
Venmo Alternatives
If you are not looking out for this platform, then you should consider some of its alternatives. Some of the alternatives for Venmo are Google Pay, Apple Pay, Zelle and so on. These are great alternatives and you are going to find some of them interesting.

How to Create a Venmo Business Account

To get started for Venmo for business is quite simple to create an account. All you need to do is visit go create a Venmo business profile. To do that, you need to fill out your personal information to set up your account.