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Upload Photos on Facebook Comment

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Every user can comment on a user’s status, photos, and post on facebook. Due to the interacting and well design interface whereby user can easily communicate with other users. Though this is a social media platform but there are more functions that are been added from time to time.

Facebook Comment

Most users still find it very difficult to upload photos on this platform. Now what about uploading photos as a comment. Yes! this social media has upgraded again to another level by introducing adding and uploading of photos in facebook comment. Don’t you think this is better and more exciting instead of using smiley, emoticons and just text as a comment?

Why Don’t you try uploading photos so they can speak for you. Adding of photos in facebook comment makes your comment more exciting and interesting. You can upload a photo as comment on a user wall. Here are some easy steps on how to upload a photo on  facebook comment section.

How to Upload Photos in Facebook Comment

Step 1. Login in to your account or you can read our facebook login tips. Click on a friend post you want to drop a comment on. Write a comment will be displayed in the box.

Step 2. Now click on the camera icon beside the comment section. After clicking select your specific photos on your phone or computer.

Step 3. This will automatically upload your photo to facebook on your PC. you can now type any message that you want to use to support your photos in the box. The photos you uploaded and the text will be posted as a comment on your comment section in facebook. This features only works on facebook profile or post not on fan pages.

Uploading photos on comment box make it more exciting, interesting, interactive  and useful to all users. Why Don’t you get started by uploading a visual comment along with your text.

This feature is available to all users on this social media from now on. So why don’t you enjoy all the benefit from facebook and upgrade along with the features that are recently added to this social media platform.

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