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Home REVIEWS Upload Full Sized Picture to Instagram – Instagram Photos

Upload Full Sized Picture to Instagram – Instagram Photos

by admin

Majority of users have been trying to upload full side pictures to the Instagram page. But by default, there is a particular size to photograph you can upload it’s usually in the square from. this makes it impossible t get full-sized picture to Instagram. Resizing your pictures before putting them up no Instagram. You have to crop off some part of the picture to be able to Add them to your instagram page.

Upload Full Sized Picture to Instagram - Instagram Photos

This is a review on how you can upload full-size picture to Instagram. To get this done you need an android phone that has Google play store. You need support from another application to be able to Add a full picture to your Instagram page. Instagram has now made it possible that you can now upload full-size pictures on your page.

How to Upload Full Sized Picture to Instagram

In other to get started with the full sized picture upload to Instagram this step is by making use of a mobile app called make square photo which makes it so easy to get it done. Let’s get started with the full size picture upload.

  1. Go to google play store and search for #Square.
  2. Look for the one that says make square photo and download it to your device.
  3. Lunch the app you just downloaded and you see 4 icons that says Pick a photo, take a photo, rate the app and contact developer.
  4. If you already have the photo you want to upload on your device then click on pick a photo.
  5. If you don’t have any photo on your device you can click on take a photo.
  6. Take a photo and click the check and the low right corner of the screen.
  7. The #Square app automatically fit the photo by adding a white border to the picture and maintain the size
  8. You can also add filters to the pictures and do some editing effect like that of instagram.

Now that you have successfully sized the picture without cropping it. You can click on the share button to upload directly to instagram or share via any other social media. you can save the picture as .jpg or .Png. After saving it  you can upload the picture normally to your page on instagram.

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