Unblock a friend on Facebook actually occurs to users that have blocked their friend from seeing their timeline or photo on the platform. Have you block someone by mistake or do you want to recover your long-lost friend? Yes, you can do so just like Facebook create a platform for you to block friends you can also unblock your lost friend back. Facebook helps users connect from far away distance cousins, family, or friends.

Unblock a Friend on Facebook - Unblock Someone On Messenger | Friend on Facebook

But something has its own opposite side whereby you might what to annoy a friend by blocking or the way the person reacts with you, which leads you into blocking the person. Well if you decide to unblock the people from Facebook then you are good to go. When you decide to unblock a friend on Facebook there are two ways you can go about it. You can use the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook website through your PC or Mac devices. Note this following detail on what happens and what is required to unblock a friend

  • Another important detail to note about unblocking friends is that when you unblocked a friend it will not be added to your friend list.
  • You have to go back and add the look for the user using the search engine and then send the person a friend request.
  • Also, your chat message cannot be recovered back if you decide to unblock the users.
  • This following method is available to users on the Facebook platform who have already blocked their fellow users and also using an active Facebook account.

If you don’t have any of the requirements, you cannot unblock anyone on Facebook. So do you have your devices to unblocked friends? If yes then let start the process together.

How to Unblock a Friend on Facebook using the Android and iPhone Devices

The step is very easy and it is difficult to operate just provide the requirement and your Facebook account details to log in to the site. By following the step below; note that you must have the Facebook app on your mobile devices if no then follow the next step below to use the website URL.

  • On the phone screen click on the Facebook icon and then log in your account. By providing your email or phone number and your password then click on the “login icon”.
  • Click on the menu line at the right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll up to lick on settings.
  • Click on blocking.
  • Then it shows you the list of friends you blocked. So select the one you want to unblock and then click on block.
  • Click on unblocked.

You have successfully unblocked a friend. Another Facebook app you can also use is the messenger’s app. Sometimes, users find it difficult and less appealing to use it. Am here to tell you that it is not difficult and even faster. Just follow the process below.

On Messenger

  • Open your messenger and if you haven’t sign in you can do that.
  • Then click on your profile at the top left corner.
  • Scroll up and click on “blocked person”.
  • Click on block people.
  • The person name you want to unblock show up then click on unblock.
  • Click on unblock on messengers.
  • Then you finally see that you have done the process of unblocking the user. Also, you can use the website of Facebook to accompany the process.

How to Unblock a Friend on Facebook using the PC or Mac

Also, this process is accessible on Android devices or iOS using the website www.facebook.com. To log in to the account on the web browser.

  • Once you have click on the link above. Enter your login details and click on the log on button.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right angle of your screen.
  • Then click on setting.
  • You will see a red minus sign written “blocking” and click on it.
  • Select the person you decide to unblock by clicking Unblock.
  • A occupy of reason on what will happen when you decide to unblock a friend.

If you decide you want to go on. Then you can click confirm. Note that it takes 48 hours to block someone you already unblocked. There is another way you can avoid someone other than blocking the person. The best thing to do instead of blocking the person. You can block the person from sending you messages when you want to block anyone. By just clicking block messages the same process you follow on blocking the user.