Ultimate cycler is one of the trending networking platforms in Nigeria. This is a mutual community that operates online which requires members to render help to other members just like MMM Nigeria.

Ultimate Cycler

Lots of users have been asking various question about the ultimate cycler platform. This is a networking platform where a user can register with #12,500 and get #50,000 in return. This is how the networking platform works.

How Ultimate Cycler Works

  • Get 4 users or members to register using your referral link and get paid #50,000 as soon as you get them.
  • Refer two users or members and get paid #50,000 in one week.
  • Register with #12,500 and get paid after 2weeks without referring anyone.

On ultimate cycler each participant is going to paid even if they don’t refer anyone. The only important of referring is for users who wants to get their #50,000 quickly.

If you don’t want to participate in the referral program the system will automatically put 4 new members under you. These members will pay #12,500 as their registration fee to you into your bank account you entered at the point of registration.

How to Upgrade to Grade 2 on Ultimate Cycler

On ultimate cycler once you have four registered members as your downline you can now upgrade to Grade 2. This is another stage in cycler program where you don’t need to pay the sum of #12,000. You are expected to pay the sum of #25,000 to your upline who is also in Grade 2.

On Grade 2 you don’t need to worry about referring members to this platform. The system will ultimately bring 16 downlines under you to pay #25,000 naira each which is a total of #400,000.

You can get paid the sum of #400,000 within 7 days. This is just not the end of ultimate cycler Grades. The Grades are up to Grade 10. So the higher you go the higher the money you earn from your downline who are under you.

Important Information About Ultimate Cycler

Note: All payments are made direct to bank as ultimate cycler will not ask you to give any member cash directly. A user must have to get the account information he or she need to pay to from his or her ultimate cycler account.

Registering under someone  doesn’t mean you have to make payment to the person. Ultimately cycler platform has to decide who you make payment to. You can sign up for an account by visiting the official web portal which is www.ultimatecycler.com using your web browser.

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