Ultimate Cycler Login | The Cycler Progam is Back and Better
Ultimate cycler is one of the top trending networking platforms in Nigeria. This platform has lots of participants like the very popular MMM Nigeria mutual community where users render help to one another. This is an online platform that requires users to create an account online account.

Ultimate Cycler Login

A user can always create or sign up for an account on the cycler platform. This is where users need to create all the login information they need to login to their ultimate cycler account. There has been some fake news that ultimate cycler platform has shut down and all registered users could not access their account any longer.

Ultimate Cycler Login is Back and Better

There have been series of updates generally on ultimate cycler web portal. Now all members can now login and access their account the ultimate cycler program did not crash. If you have completed the registration process on this platform previous. You can now follow our ultimate cycler login steps below to access your account.

The update on this platform was completed on 7th December 2016. This platform is up and running with the login section now fully active. This is a platform that has hit the highest number of registered users in a few days. It was said that ultimate cycler hits 1.2 million new members who just completed the sign up process within 45days.

Why Ultimate Cycler Web Portal Went Down For Some Day

The portal is fully back up and running for users to login. The entire ultimate cycler web platform was said to have been running on a lower traffic hosting. This was due to the total number of users access the platform at the same time and within a month period. The previous plan that the ultimate cycler system runs on can only house 100,000 visitors per month.

Now the site his over a million visitors in just 45days this was why the update was made. This was why both the ultimate cycler login page and the registration page where not going at a point users has fine it so difficult to access this page. Now the login page is back better and faster.

Ultimate Cycler Login – Account Login

In order to login to your account, you need a web browser. This can be either operamini, google chrome, Firefox, Opera web browser or any other web browser that you have. If you have a web browser let’s get started with the login steps.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the URL as www.ultimatecycler.com in the address bar section of your browser.
  2. Click on the login icon at the top right section on the homepage.
  3. Enter your username in the username section.
  4. Enter your password in the password section and click on login.

Note if you don’t know what your password is any more you can click on the Forgot Your Password icon to reset your password. Login can only be done if you have created an account on ultimate cycler platform.

If you are new to this platform you can register for an account so as to have a login access to your account. But if you already have account you can make use of the above login steps to access your account.