Not many people today know about twitter likes and Retweets. The twitter likes and Retweets is one fun way to let the author of the content know it’s loved or appreciated. The twitter likes and Retweets is one of my best feature on twitter as the retweet repost the post to my timeline. Like Instagram like, twitter like is represented with a little heart icon. The number of likes a post has is always visible for everyone to see. Whenever a “like” is added it increases immediately. You should try looking at the twitter likes and Retweets of viral posts. You would be surprised at how the number increases every second.

Twitter Likes and Retweets - Twitter Likes | Twitter Retweets


What is twitter? You can’t possibly understand what twitter likes and Retweets is all about without having a basic knowledge of what twitter is. Well, twitter is one of the most popular and active social media in the world today. Twitter is even used by most businessmen to carry out their business and advertise their business. If you want to make your business go viral, you should try twitter

Twitter Account

A twitter account is one of the many free accounts you can create on the web today. A twitter account is literally easy to create if you have a mobile number or email address. To create a twitter account on the web, follow the steps below;

  • Open the twitter app or your web browser and navigate to
  • A login page would be displayed for you. On that page, enter the required details. On the first text field, you can enter either your username or your mobile number or your email address and your password on the second text field.
  • After entering the details click “Log in”.

Wait a few seconds and you would be directed to your Twitter account.

How to Like and Retweet on Twitter

This is the main essence of this article. To help you learn how to retweet and like tweets on twitter. There are some few basic steps to take if you want to make Retweets and like on twitter. To like or retweet on Twitter, follow the steps below;

  • Open the twitter website at
  • When the site loads, log in using your account details. If you don’t have an account, follow the above steps to create one.
  • Find the particular tweet you want to retweet or like.
  • When you find it, go just below it to find a red heart icon. When you find it, hit it to like the tweet.
  • For Retweets, tap the arrow running upwards and downwards.

That’s how to make twitter likes and Retweets.