I am sure that not everybody knows of twitter business sign up. Most twitter users do not know that twitter also has a place where you can market your goods. What most users do know is that twitter is for tweeting, following people, and posting tweets or posts. But what they do not know is the twitter business sign up. Signing up for twitter business does not mean that you have to sign up for another account that if you are twitter users before. As for those that do not have an account before, you have to sign up to twitter before you can access the twitter business.

Twitter Business Sign Up - Twitter Sign Up for Business

Twitter Business

That is for twitter business sign up; here I will be talking more of twitter business to you. Twitter business is for business owners if you are not a businessman or woman that means you don’t have anything to do with twitter business. But you can also keep up reading this article for future use. What I have to tell you now is that the twitter business cannot be found inside the main twitter platform. The twitter business has its own website that you have to visit but you can log in your account inside it to connect your account to it. The Twitter business helps you to advertise your business just like Facebook use to do. The founders of Twitter are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Big Stone, and Evan Williams.

Twitter Business Ads

Twitter business ads, I have been talking of twitter business all this time, now we are heading over to twitter business ads because whatever has to do with social media has to do with ads. The twitter business ads are a feature that is responsible for advertising your business. With ads, you can reach more audience that you want, what I am going to be showing you now is how you can set up your own business ads on your Twitter business account.

How to Set Up Twitter Ads

Itch very much easier than you ever thought of, setting up twitter business ads is easy, what you just have to do is to visit www.business.twitter.com and you will find yourself on their home page. Scroll down and click “get started with Twitter for business” button, then read through the note on the new page to get more information about the twitter business that I have been talking about. School down and click the “let’s go” button below and choose your option. Then log in your twitter account that is if you are a user of Twitter before, you can also create a new account there too. From there you can follow the steps from there on, they are not difficult.