Do you want to view your Twitter account stats? Do you want to know if you are getting fame? Also, do you want to see how your tweets are going and how many Impressions they are having? Then you should try “Twitter Analytics”. Twitter analytics is a free toolset by twitter to help you manage your account. If it is developing a social media strategy or marketing you intend doing then this tool is the right tool for you. It can help you layout your approach and give you new ideas.

Twitter Analytics - Twitter Analytics Free Tool

Twitter has over three hundred million monthly users with over five hundred million tweets a day. One of the key benefits of using this platform is that it could help you learn about your audience. It could also help you find out what content resonates. Your dashboard allows you access to see your top tweets, new followers, top followers, top mentions and so much more.

Twitter Analytics Website

This website is the official website you are going to use if you intend using the platform. It is the URL on the web that redirects you to the feature. Without this URL, there is no such thing as twitter analytics. This means that without this URL you cannot access noir use this feature. The official URL for this platform’s website is

Twitter Analytics Free Tool

This tool or feature is entirely free. All you need is a twitter account. If you have one, then you are good to proceed with using the feature. You should note that without a twitter account, despite the feature or toll being free, you do not have access to it. A twitter account is also free and you would not be required to pay any funds while creating one. However, to use any of these features, you would be charged for data charges.

Twitter Analytics Tutorial

Below is a guideline to begin with this tool or feature.

  • Go to twitter and log in your account.
  • Open a new tab and seek the URL
  • On the new webpage, if you are new, tap on the “Turn analytics on” button and wait.

There you go. You have successfully accessed the feature. You can tap on the links such as Top Tweets, Tweets and replies, Tweets, Home, Audience and some others more on the page to view the analytics details about them.