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Twitter ads guide is what all advertisers on the twitter platform needs before advertising on twitter. Now there are lots of mistakes be done every single day when it comes to advertising on twitter. This is, as a result of them not knowing the right way or process to do it. Now I went on a research and have come to realize how we can easily create an ad on Twitter that people don’t even take note of. I don’t want to have this information to myself that is why I decided to share it with you guys. So today I will be telling you on how you can create a twitter ad through a guide. But I will like to take you through some lessons before telling you how to create an ad on twitter. So I will be telling you all about the twitter ad.

Twitter Ads Guide

Twitter Ads – Twitter Ads Guide

A twitter ad is an advert that is been displayed on the twitter platform, to inform users about a product or a business. There are lots of things that you can advertise on twitter apart from business or website, there are still lots more. Now with the twitter ad, you can easily display your business or website on twitter. Doing this will make people or user’s visit your website or rather get interested in your business that you are advertising. When they begin to get interest, I believe you know what that means. It means you are going to earn some cash and also get more customers on your business. The twitter ads are so beneficial. But it cost some money, now I am going to tell you the price of the twitter ad.

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Twitter Ad Cost – Twitter Ads Guide

Now your budget and bid determine the price of your campaign on twitter, twitter offers three types or kinds of ads which are; promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Now the first two cost between 0.50 – 4.00 dollars engagement, and promoted trends cost you 200,000 dollars per day.  So you now see how much the twitter ad cost, but before you can make use of the twitter ad you must make sure that you are a twitter user, or have an account on twitter. Only those that are users can advertise. So I will be giving you steps on how to join the twitter platform.

How to Create Twitter Account for Business

Now you should know one thing that, the twitter account is also a business account. So I will show you how you can create an account on twitter;

  • Go to the website.
  • Then click the sign-up button.
  • Now enter your names, your email address, also your password.
  • Also, your username, when you have completed the form, click “create my account”.
  • Then click “next”.
  • Now you will be asked to follow 3 people with some selections of people given.
  • Then you will be asked to confirm your email, so a link will be sent to your email.
  • Check your email and click the link, then your account has been fully set up.

These are the steps for you to follow when you want to create a twitter account.

Twitter Sign in Problems

There are lots of users that find it hard to sign in to their twitter account, well, that will not be a problem. I will tell you how you can easily access your twitter account;

  • Go to the twitter webpage.
  • Then click ‘sign in’.
  • Now just simply enter your email address and also your password.
  • After you are done with that, lastly click the “login” button.

Then you will access your twitter account.

How to Create Twitter Ads – Twitter Ads Guide

Here are the steps below for you to follow, when you want to create a twitter ad;

  • Just login to your Twitter account.
  • Then click the three dots or “more” icon.
  • Now you will see options displayed, click twitter ads.
  • Another page will appear, now select your country and time zone.
  • After that click “let’s go”.
  • Choose your campaign objectives.
  • After choosing, fill in your ad campaign details.
  • Now create an ad group within your campaign.
  • After that select your target audience for each ad group.
  • Also then select the creative you would like to run with each ad group.
  • You can now review and then launch your campaign.

Your ad has been created.

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