Hello everyone, what do you understand by twitter account? If you are a twitter user, you will know what twitter account is. There are people out there that have not heard of twitter or they may have heard about it but they don’t know what it is. If you are that person, you should keep on reading this article because it will tell you what twitter account it and what twitter is. Twitter account is the license that you have to show that you are a member on the platform. If you don’t have a twitter account, I am sorry, you cannot use twitter. When you keep on reading you will know more about twitter.

Twitter Account - Twitter Account How To Create


If you can read to this extent, you will be able to know what twitter is. Twitter is a networking social media where people get to meet and know each other through following and re-follow. Twitter is just like Facebook that you know of, you can post, tweet that is chatting with other users, like, search, view your notification, add friends through your contact. You can also view your followers and those that you follow and so much more. Twitter is free, twitter can be used as a source of advertising tool for your business by creating ads for your business. You can’t access the business part of your twitter directly; you have to visit their business site on www.business.twitter.com and create your ads manager like the way Facebook advertise businesses.

Twitter App

Twitter has an app also that can be used to access its platform. This app was established for mobile users. The main reason for establishing this app is because of mobile users so that they can access the platform on their mobile phones if they are not close to their laptops or computer. If you don’t have this app, you can equally get it from the app store on your smartphone.

Twitter Account How to Create

Follow this step below if you want to create an account on twitter. Here I am going to talk about the webform sign up, you can also sign up using the twitter app the two steps are the same.

  • Go to www.twitter.com on your browser.
  • Then click the sign-up or create an account and enter your name.
  • Then your mobile number or email address and click next.
  • Click next again and click sign up.

At this stage you will give to verify your account, that is how will land on the twitter account verify side of the article.

Twitter Account Verify

Here is how you can verify your account. Twitter account verification gives you the access to use the platform because if your account is not verified, you can’t access the platform. Twitter will send you a verification code to your message or email inbox. Copy the code and paste it inside the code box and then click verify and your account will be logged in and you can start using the twitter platform.