Top Free Apps You Can Download To Get Free Food

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Apps You Can Download To Get Free Food – Are you looking for how you can get free food? Do you want to know how you can get free food whenever you want? Do you know that there are apps that you can download to get free food? This might be a next-to-impossible feature but it is true. The ability to get fast food whenever you want is one of the amazing discoveries that has changed with the times. One solid statement that is highly undeniable is the fact that fast food is almost everyone’s a guilty pleasure. Since this is a trend that is not going out of trend, you can now easily download apps to get whatever free food you are craving.

Top Free Apps You Can Download To Get Free Food

Furthermore, there are tons of restaurants that do give out free food apps to their customers that provide free drinks and food in exchange for downloading their apps and making use of mobile apps on your smartphone devices.  These apps are available to offer all its users items like gift cards, food, and cash in exchange for all the things you have done/doing for free.  Some restaurants even offer reward programs for all their regular customers.

Do these Apps Really Allow You To Get Free Food?

All of these apps are legit and is actually reliable to use as an interested member. They actually do grant you the chance to earn free food, beverages, and drinks when all you have to do is simply download, install and run the app from your mobile device. What’s more, a lot of coffee stores, convenience stores, and restaurants are also offering this enjoyable experience.

Apps You Can Download To Get Free Food

Now, we are already aware that there are various storefronts like coffee stores, a restaurant, and many more that are all willing to offer free food to users and regular customers. What is also known is that for that to happen, you have to simply download and install the app of their restaurants on your phone. Some of the best Apps that you can download and get free food include:


The Chick-fil-A restaurant has been recognized to be one of the largest fast-food chain restaurants in America. The ‘A’ in Chick-fil-A stands to prove that they have top-grade A quality chicken as their bestselling meal remains their sandwich chicken. According to the advertisements run by Chick-fil-A, they state that their app will easily allow you to skip the long lines hated at restaurants.

This objective helps the picking up of meals quite easier. Every time you order with your mobile, it helps you with earning complimentary treats such as Icedream Cones, Chick-n-Minis, and so on. So when you do the ordering, ensure to look out for the treated matter. Once the circle fills up, you are now eligible to redeem your free food available.


This restaurant is one of its kind and it is known to offer the best reward point apps available for free food. The Chipotle restaurant was founded in the year 1993 in Denver, Colorado. This restaurant offers a lot of sizzling food delights and has other side dishes such as sour cream, Lettuce, Beans, Fajitas, tortillas, and more. Chipotle also offers one of the best reward points apps for free food to all customers. For every dollar that you spend, you will get to earn 10 points on each of them. Also, once you earn 1,250 points, you get to receive a free entrée. What’s more, you also earn more rewards like discounts on your meals and free appetizers.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is well known for its blended real fruit and awesome ingredients to create a perfect, wholesome juice smoothie. This American Company doesn’t just offer wholesome smoothie drinks with real fruits to fit an avid lifestyle, they also offer the best juice experience on special occasions like your birthday. You get freebies like drinks and food as a user.


Being an American fast-food chain as well as a real estate company, they offer a lot of amazing meals to the public in general. From their French fries to burgers, you are eligible to get more when you download their app. They always have their deals updated regularly but their free food offer still stands. What’s more, you can get more McDonald’s Rewards points on every McDelivery order.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Founded in the year 1982, this American restaurant has been recognized as both a sports bar franchise and a dining restaurant in several countries.  They specialize in wings, fried foods, burgers, beer, etc. While you won’t get anything immediately free when you sign up, you will get more value along the way. For every time you check in at a BWW location, you earn about 10 points in addition to an extra 100 for every $10 you spend. The more you rack up points, the more you redeem them for free foods.


As a leading American pizza chain restaurant, they offer amazing meals like their buffalo chicken pizza, grilled chicken Caesar salad, different sizes of pizza, veggie pizza, drinks and beverages like Coca-Cola, sprite, and so on. When you download the Domino’s Pizza app, you get a free medium pizza every time you reach $60 on the app.


Founded in the year 1969, Wendy’s is recognized as a fast-food chain restaurant that holds quite its reputation. They offer a lot of amazing meals with their breakfast sandwiches, Coffee and beverages, Hamburgers, Veggie meal options, Fries and sides, Frosty, Wendy’s kids’ meals, Breakfast sandwiches, and more. There are tons of deals you can get when you use Wendy’s app. With the deals they offer, you can do it for yourself as well as a friend.

Krispy Kreme

Founded in the year 1937 in North Carolina, they deal specifically with doughnuts and beverages for a refreshing taste. You can download the Krispy Kreme app to gain more experience. When you download their app, you get a free doughnut just for signing up. Moreover, you can earn more rewards to get more free doughnuts. 


This is another well-known restaurant that was founded in Texas in the year 1975. This restaurant serves a variety of American food, dishes in style with Mexican Cuisine such as fajitas, spicy shrimp tacos, quesadillas, vegetarian meals and so much more. When you download Chili’s app, you get more than just a free dessert on your birthday. You get an amazing food experience as well as free salsa, non-acholic beverages, free chips, and so on.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This is an American multinational coffee and donut company. It was founded in the year 1948 but had its name officially changed to Dunkin Donuts in 1950. They specialize in many food menus such as Frozen drinks, Bagels and muffins, Donuts, Brew at home, Teas and more, Espresso and coffee, Sandwiches, snacks, and many more.  When you download the app to use, you do not immediately get free donuts. What you do get is a free beverage on your special birthday and also when you spend about $40. Still, this chain restaurant does give out free donuts on National Donut Day.

You can subjectively try any of these apps to get the chance to win free food. This can be done whether you purchase or not.