Tinder dating is an interactive medium where a user selects enthusiastic users to chat with. This is done by scanning through various matches photos and preferably choosing or canceling matches to proceed to chat using a swiping mode. This social search mobile app, mostly used globally as a dating site, features most regular social services and renders its utilities outstandingly to its large number of active users.

Tinder - Top Free Dating App For Andriod & iOS | Tinder App

Tinder is a location-based platform on which users easily find different people nearby. It gives a simplified way to be mobile and meet other users online. It is one of the best dating sites as many of its users have reviewed. All that is required to be a part of its world is a quick Tinder app download, registration and a profile setup which cost you nothing except your internet connection; these processes are absolutely free. The app has no precise matching algorithm; hence it uses location-specific details to suggest Tinder users who meet your location preferences.

Tinder App | Sign Up

Tinder dating account creation is brief and hassles free; it only requires one to sign up with an existing Facebook account. It is important to install this app on your iOS or Android devices before proceeding to registration phase. Click on Sign Up using the Facebook box.

Allow Tinder to connect with your Facebook account by granting the permission to access your location and your account’s contents. It is done to verify your identity. However, Tinder sign up is restricted to ages below 18 and does not support website for now. This is being moderated and will soon be available for use for its dear users.

Tinder automatically pulls your Facebook information to create a profile for you. It doesn’t share your membership and activities on Facebook. This profile consists of your first name, age, preferred extracted photos. The app lets you delete photos and whatever you don’t want to be included.

Go ahead and give a concise description of yourself and change your gender at will. You can also input your education and work in your biography from your Facebook page. Optionally connect Instagram to display your Instagram posts on your TinderApp profile.

Tinder App | Log In

Tinder dating requires no login procedure. As long as you stay connected on Facebook, you are automatically logged in on Tinder. You will not be prompted to log in again unless you decide to log out of your account on the account settings screen.  Simply click on the “Login using Facebook” button at your convenience to get signed in again.

Tinder Dating Account 

A setting tab on your dashboard allows you to filter search results by selecting between parameters i.e. gender, age, and distance range from your current location. You can also edit to create a username. Turn on and off discovery which enables new members to view your profile and get added to groups if you are a Tinder Social user.  Provision of a turn on and off notifications box, such as for in-app vibrations and new matches signal.

Tinder Extra Features

Get started by following the matching process; it’s easy and readily available. Pictures of thousands of members (after you must have filtered the search results) display on your screen one at a time. Each reveals name and age and reports whether or not you have Facebook friends or mutual interests in common.

You can view more information about this member by tapping the photo or the “I” button beneath. Tap to see how far this user is, from your present location at this moment. You can also view when last he was active on Tinder and read his bio status. If you have common interests or friends on Facebook, those will appear below the photos.

Scroll through lots of matches, select the “X” or swipe left to cancel and proceed to get another match. Alternatively, click the heart on the right or swipe right to like. Once he approves of your like by swiping right too, you will receive a full screen notification and will be enabled to message your Tinder match.

Get notifications on matches only as members that canceled you out shown but users have limited options to connect with any profiles they see before matching. All matches and message threads are stored in the chat area (right top side, identifiable by a chat icon) for easy access. A non numerical badge icon appears over the chat icon when a new match or message comes in.

Share your favorite music with your Tinder matches via Spotify. Broadcast a song by sharing what you are currently listening to on the app through Spotify and find out who shares your taste in music. This is a way of knowing the common interests you might be sharing with you Tinder matches.

Tinder Account | Premium Subscription

Besides the basic features, Tinder dating makes available an exclusive list of extra features to make the app use more fun. Free members may Super like a profile they see, which is displayed as extreme interest to that member when your profile comes up in their deck of matches.

When you swipe right on a profile and match with a user, rewinding your swipe at any time requires a premium subscription called TinderPlus. This premium subscription also grants unlimited links and use of Tinder Passport, which allows you to browse profiles in locations other than your own i.e. match with members in your next travel destination before you arrive. It includes Tinder Boost which puts your profile in the limelight ahead of the profiles in your area.

TinderPlus users get one free boost per month and may buy additional ones at any time, while free Tinder dating account users must pay for every boost. However, licensed plan prices vary with country and age. To get more details, try out TinderApp today.

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