Are you a member of the Tinder dating site and you have been using a mobile device. Then you want to change to the use of a pc device to access your account? Or do you want to sign up for Tinder using Pc as you feel more comfortable using your Pc device to your mobile device? Well, that is possible and easy for you to do. Firstly, Tinder Pc is the use of your Tinder account on a Personal computer device. However, tinder as you might know before now is an online dating site and mobile app which enables you to meet people from all over the world. And decide whom you want to be in a relationship with.

Tinder PC - How To Use Tinder On PC | Tinder Sign up

Tinder helps single people look for ways to find love easily. And even over the years, Tinder has successfully made over 55 billion matches. So there is nothing to worry about as it is a place to meet your next best match. Also taking a look at the world of today, you would agree with me that dating looks a bit different as most people meet and start their relationship online. So with Tinder on your Pc, you have millions of singles from different areas of the world at your fingertips. And be rest assured that they are also willing to meet someone as amazing as you.

Why Tinder Web?

Using Tinder Pc (tinder on your pc device) isn’t a compulsory thing to do, all you just need to know is that Tinder Pc enables you to use Tinder on a bigger screen compared to your mobile device. Besides, using Tinder Windows doesn’t require you to download any software. As you can simply use Tinder to either sign up or sign in by visiting the Tinder website @ to find your love and re-write your love story. Also, Tinder even says that its optimized the Pc version for messaging as you can even view your chat partner profile while chatting with him/her.

How to Sign up for Tinder on Pc

Signing up for Tinder is very easy to do and isn’t about where or what device you use to sign up. As either you use your mobile device or your Pc device, the steps are still the same.  If you are new to tinder and you are finding it difficult to create an account on your Pc device, it is however very easy to do. And some steps which you can follow would be listed for you.

However, creating an account using Tinder Pc, can be done in three different ways. And these three ways include; the use of your mobile number, Google account, and also your Facebook account. You can now choose any of these three to sign up for an account. And note that without processing the signup, signing in to Tinder on your pc would be impossible. Here are steps on how to sign up for Tinder Windows below;

  • Turn on your pc device
  • Open your web browser
  • Visit tinder via its official website @
  • Click on the create an account button
  • Choose either to create with Google, Facebook, or Phone number
  • Enter the information required of you
  • Follow other onscreen info to complete your sign up.

Once you have signed up, you can now sign in to your account on your Pc device whenever you feel the need, to check up on your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. After you have successfully signed up, see below how to log in on Tinder Pc.

How to Sign in on Tinder Pc

Signing in is easier compared to the sign up. Signing in requires only a less info. And even if your account is saved on your device, you can just sign in to Tinder Pc with just a tap. However, keep in mind that signing in can only be done with the account used in signing up. With that noted, here are steps on how to sign in to your account below;

  • Visit Tinder official website on your Pc @
  • Locate and click on the login button
  • Select an account to use to log in
  • Provide your login details

Once you have successfully logged in to your Tinder account, you can now start sending messages to people who have matched with you. Then stay happy with your new partner tinder has gotten you.