Try so many times to access your Tinder account but all ends up as a failure or perhaps you don’t have any idea on the tinder dating login as a first-timer on the Platform? Generally, most people usually find it difficult to gain access to their account due to some difficulties. For example, when you enter an incorrect password, this stands as a barrier while accessing your account. Moreover, tinder dating login is a means of gaining access to your account by entering a valid login detail.

Tinder Login - Tinder Dating Login

Out of the best dating app, Tinder happens to be one of the most popular dating platforms for meeting new people. Therefore, Tinder Login helps you to discover new people, new messages and also expand your reach in searching for people. However, certain requirements are needed to carry out the Tinder Login process. This includes your phone number or email address and password, no forgotten your Facebook login details. Learn how to login your Tinder account in the next section below:

Procedures to Tinder Login with Phone Number (Email) or log in with Facebook

However, in other to get accessed into the platform Tinder Login is required, just as it’ mentioned above you need to be an eligible user that already has an account on the platform. It’s very simple and easy to logged into the Tinder web page or the mobile app.

Tinder Login with phone number

  • Go to
  • Then click Login in the left corner of the page.
  • Next, you can click “Login with Phone Number”.
  • Enter your phone number with your country code or click “Login with Email” to switch to email.
  • Then, enter the code sent to the email address or phone number sent to the contact provided.

Tinder Login with Facebook account

  • When you have accessed the login portal
  • You can click “Log in with Facebook”.
  • Then provide your Facebook account login details.
  • Lastly, click “Login”.

On the contrary, the same procedures also applied to the Tinder mobile app via iPhone and Android. As a result of that, you can simply visit your respective app store to download the Tinder mobile app. In other to enter your account details to open the app.  

How to Fix Issues Concerning Tinder Account Login Issues both on App & Web

Are you experiencing some technical difficulties while providing your log in details? Or perhaps, you saw a message on the login portal indicating an incorrect password? For that reason, you can each through the below tips to resolve your issue.

  • First of all, ensure that your Cap lock is turned off because passwords are mostly sensitive to case.
  • Also, ensure that the Tinder mobile app or the web browser is working well and is up to date.
  • You can as well clear your browsing data to free up your web browser or the mobile app storage capacity.
  • In case one web browser till give you an issue you can try out another web browser.
  • Lastly, you can reset your password by clicking “Trouble Logging In?” on the login portal. Then you can provide the required need to recover your account.

Note: if eventually the issues till persist, most time it might come as a result of some service degradation. You can also log in later after a couple of hours withing the same login application provided above.