TikTok Video App – How to Download The TikTok Video App

In this present world of technology of now, we have now come across so many different kinds of social media platforms and other platforms where you can make videos, watch lots of funny videos and so much more. What I want to discuss with you guys in this article is all about the TikTok Video App, do you think that TikTok has a different app for videos. Let us go in detail, for you to get more understand about the TikTok video app.

TikTok Video App - How to Download The TikTok Video App

TikTok Video App

If you have made use of this platform before, you will know what I am talking about when I say the TikTok video app. Let me update you more about the heading above, there is no sperate app for videos when it comes to TikTok. The only video app that TikTok has is the TikTok app itself, so you should not go into the internet to search for the TikTok video app because you won’t find it anywhere.

TikTok, like I said it is a media where you can watch or access funny short videos and you as a user, you are free to upload or watch videos after you might have signed up on it. You can also follow other people, for instance, you liked a video that someone posted after watching it. You can click on the person profile and then click the follow link below the person profile photo. There is also a chance of chatting with the person, click on the message tag and you can send your message or start a conversation with the person.

How to Download TikTop App

The TikTok video app that we have been discussing all the while is the TikTok app and you already know about it. Now let see how the app can be downloaded, where you can download it from. I believe you all have a smartphone like Android, and your phone has an app store. Go to the app store on your phone it can be iPhone. Click the search box and type in the name of the app in it “TikTok”, you will be able to find the app on the download page. Tap on the download or install button to easily download the app.

How to Sign Up

Before you can access the platform properly, you need to create an account with them. So, here is how you go about it.

  • Open the app and then hit on “Me” on your right-hand side below the screen.
  • Click the link that says sign up with number or Gmail.
  • When you have clicked on it, enter the date you were born and then your number or email.
  • After which you need to verify the account, they will send you a code that you will use and verify the account.
  • Type in the code inside the box and verify it.

To end up the sign-up process, you also need to enter a password to help secure your account and the password should be at least 8 words long.

How to Upload Videos on TikTok

Every user is entitled to upload his or her own videos and to do that follow the steps below.

  • When you access the app after installing it, log in or create your account.
  • Then you will see a “+” icon or cross icon below the home page.
  • Click on it and then tap upload at the right side of the screen.
  • Choose the video that you want to upload and click next.
  • You can also add sounds to your videos before uploading them by clicking the sounds tag on your left.
  • Look for the sound you want to use, it can be song or tune. And then click use this sound after you might have chosen the sound or song that you want to use.

Wait for the sound to upload and then click next again after the sound has uploaded. The last step to take is to hit the post button on your right below and post now.