I am sure you guys have come across tiktok before and you are looking forward to downloading videos from it because you saw a video that you like. What I want to share with you in this article is Tik Tok Videos Download Online. Have you ever thought that there is a way you can download tiktok videos online? For your information and as far as this article is consigned you will enjoy every single bit of this article as you go deep into this article more.

Tik Tok Videos Download Online - How to Download TikTok videos Online

Tik Tok Videos Download Online

Like I said there is a way you can download tiktok videos but before then let talk little more about tiktok if there is anyone that has not heard of the tiktok before. Tiktok is a video platform that is used for uploading short funny videos. As a user or member, you can chat with other users on the platform. Tiktok cannot be used on the web, the only place you can access this platform is on your mobile device. Tiktok is a mobile app device platform that means that it has an app and this app can be downloaded from your device app store.

Before you can make use of this platform you need to sign up on it first and to sign up, you need to download the app first. The paragraph below will be the one to guide you through the sign-up process. So, let look at the sign-up process but first download the app first before talking about how to download tiktok videos online.

How to Download Tiktok App

To download the tiktok app on your mobile device this is what you have to do. On your device, go to your app store and then search for “TIKTOK” when you access the app store on your smartphone app store. One thing about downloading apps from the app store on your device is that you can easily find whatever you are looking for there unless the app is not available on that app store. After searching for the app, the app will display on your screen, click on the install or download button on the page to download the app. And after downloading the app install it and you can open it that is how we are going to land on the sign-up stage now.

How to Sign Up

The listed steps below are the steps that will help you through the sign-up process for you to create your account.

  • Open the app as I said after downloading it. Then click the “Me” link below the screen after opening the app.
  • Click on the sign-up option on the second page and then enter your date of birth.
  • Along with your mobile number and email address.
  • Now, you have to verify the account. A code will be sent t your mobile device message inbox or email inbox.
  • Go over to your inbox and copy the digits codes that you see there and paste it inside the box on the sign-up page.
  • The last thing to do is to type in the password you want to use and then click the small checkbox and proceed to the sign-up button there.

With these steps, I assure you that it is possible for you to sign up and for you to login your account, you just have to click the “Me” link there and enter your account login details and that is all.

Video Downloading Online Website for Tiktok

There are many websites where you can download tiktok videos from. But I am going to list out some websites where you can download tiktok videos from. We have Tiktokvideodownload.com, downloadvideotiktok.com, tiktokdownloader.net, and musicallydown.com. All the websites mentioned here are websites where you can download tiktok videos from. For you to download the video. You have to go to the tiktok app on your device and login your account. Copy the video link that you want to download. Paste the link into one of the websites that were mentioned here. You can also download videos by long clicking or holding the screen where the video is displaying. You will see an option with saving the video.