The Best Types of App for Facebook Chat

One of the importance of the Facebook app is connecting with friends, family members. It is also used in making new friends. Some users just want to focus on that chatting part since they don’t always have time. Some other users’ focus on the chatting part as they receive too many at a time and wish they could get an App for Facebook Chat. With this kind of apps, users feel like they could easily reply and send messages at an instant, unlike the Facebook platform.

The Best Types of App for Facebook Chat

Well, I also agree with them and it is true. That is one of the benefits of such apps. Now there are several App for Facebook Chat but there are two notable ones. As a matter of fact, you ant talk of chat apps and ignore these two apps. These apps are “Facebook Messenger” and “Messenger Lite”. These two apps have topped the charts for quite some time now as Facebook users believe that they are the best.

Where to Find an App for Facebook Chat

You can find some of these apps on the internet if you search for them. You could also find them to download on app stores. Also, you could send from a friend if he or she has one. You should not have problems finding apps for a Facebook chat since they are everywhere. Most IOS and smartphones devices today come with an app store. You could easily search this app store and download any one of your choices. However, an active internet connection is required and you need to have a data plan.

How to Download Facebook App for Chat

There are two main Facebook chatting apps that are recognized worldwide. These apps are the Facebook messenger and the messenger lite. As the name suggests, the messenger lite is lightweight. That is to say, it does not cost much to download and is quite easy. At most, it should not be more than 2MB size, unlike the Facebook messenger that could be up to 50Mb and above.

To download Facebook apps for chat,

  • Get the device you wish to download the app on.
  • Use your device web browser and search for “Messenger Lite for this device” or “Facebook Messenger for this device” depending on the app you wish to download. You can replace the “this device” with the name of the device id you know it.
  • Tap on any of the links from the results that suggest you can download the app.
  • Click on the download button and select your download folder.
  • Tap on the “save” button and watch the app downloaded to your device.

Go to your download folder and launch the app on the device to install it. You could use a play store to download the app but you must use the device you want to the app on to download the app.