There is so many online social media instant messenger that could allow you to connect with millions of people around the world with no stress. Telegram messenger is one of them which allows you to send and receive unlimited messages. Also allows you to exchange photos, videos, and stickers with each other on this platform.

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Telegram messenger is an instant messenger which is available for all platform via computer and mobile phones such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and many more. The messenger is a very proven reliable and safe instant messenger platform that allows all your messages saved and backup on your Telegram account which allows you not to lose past messages. If you don’t have a telegram messenger account. We are going to put you through the process on this article via computer and mobile devices.

How to Create a Telegram Messenger Account

Creating a Telegram Messenger Account is very easy and simple with your mobile phones or computer and internet connectivity if you don’t have an account you wont to be able to send and receive messages from other telegram users. Here are few steps on how to create a telegram messenger account;

On computer

  • You could either download the telegram app on your PC or Mac or launch any web browser on your computer
  • Go to
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the official website, with the computer location you will be assigned with your country code.
  • Click on the phone number field and input your phone number
  • a five digits SMS text will be sent to your phone number to confirm your sign up

On Mobile Phone

  • Launch the Telegram Messenger App on your mobile phone.
  • At the homepage of the App you will be required to give a country code if your mobile phone location is not on.
  • On the phone number space, input your phone number and click next you will be advised to confirm and send.
  • A five digits SMS text will be sent to your phone number to confirm your sign up.

Once you hit the sign up button then your account will be up and running. You can set up your account just like you do when you sign up on other social media platforms. There is a need to set up your profile as it enables other users to find you easily. One good thing about signing up is that its a one-off thing that you can do just once. You can always login to your account in other to access the account once you have Sign up.

What is the Advantage of Telegram Messenger?

It can be used on multiple devices which is one of the very important features of telegram. The messenger provides a large amount of storage to downloads files. It also gives every user with cloud storage which allows you not to lose the data you shared and saved, which you will be able to access at any time.