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Tango is a mobile messaging application. With over 300 million active user login. Tango is one of the top mobile messaging apps that have a nice and unique user interface. This interface gives users a great experience and easy to use navigation. This is just more than a messaging app. With the tango online app, you can send messages, update status, share photos, video make video calls, and voice calls. Tango has the same functionality as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber.

Tango - Live Video Broadcasts and Messaging App | Tango Online  Application

This is just more than a messaging app. With the Tango app, you can send messages, update status, share photos, video make video calls, and voice calls. The messaging app has the same functionality as that of WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber. This is an application software built to enhance communication with other devices. Using internet network service as a connection medium. On Tango, you can create a profile, group chat, make free calls, meet new friends, get stickers, play games, and lots more.

However, during the search for an instant messaging app, you tend to come across different kinds of services that include Google Tango, and Fiesta Tango. This is quite different from the free online messaging app or instant messaging app. In terms of the Google Tango platform, it was referred to as an augmented reality and computing platform for building projects. Meanwhile, the Fiesta by Tango is also a social networking site where you can connect with new friends and lots more.

About Tango

Get existing moment’s actions and fun on Tango messenger. It is an in one mobile social media. Tango application has the ability to run on multiple devices such as Symbian, Android, Apple iOS, and a lot more. One great and unique feature of this application is that it enables you to stay connected to other users with little to no cost. No fee applied for using this service, the only thing is it requires internet data to keep the app running. Be it 3G, 4G or wi-fi internet connection. It doesn’t matter what internet connection you are using just make sure your Internet data is working.

If you are new to tango online messaging app it’s very easy to set up which is almost like you are settling up WhatsApp for the first time. It also uses the same mobile verification process as WhatsApp. To login to your account, you need to do the mobile verification each time you want to login. Tango is a mobile application and it works only on mobile devices there is no version available for PC. But there are other alternatives to make it work on PC. If you truly want to install tango on your PC you need an android emulator to enable the app to run freely on your PC. Since it’s a mobile app for only mobile devices. With Andy emulator or blue stacks emulator, you can get this app installed on your PC.

How to Download Tango on Android and IOS 

If you have been looking for where to download this awesome mobile app. The best place is your mobile store. Go to your mobile store and navigate to the search bat of your mobile store be it Android or IOS. The mobile sort is an application that comes with your mobile phone it’s like an application that is been installed by the manufacturer of your cell phone where all applications for your phone can be downloaded. Enter the search word as tango, on the search bar.

Look for the app with the picture above and click on it to start downloading. Now, wait for some minutes until the application is completely installed. Now that you have correctly installed this Application, go to the home screen where you have all your installed apps, and check for the app.

How to Sign up for Tango Web

On the contrary, the Tango web for PC allows you to create or sign up for an account where you can communicate and meet new people. The sign up process in creating a dating profile is free and you can use either your phone number, Facebook or Google to sign up for an account.

  1. Simply, go to www.tango.me.
  2. Click Join now at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter your phone number and click Continue With Phone.
  4. Also, use Continue With Facebook or Continue with Google.
  5. Fill out the requirement to set up your email account.

In summary, you can as well use the Tango mobile app on your Android or iPhone to sign up and log in to your dating account. However, through the process stated above, you can stay connected with thousands of single people from all over the world.