In the world today, technology has taken over and made a great impact on the life of humans which has also influenced the system of finding partners. Introducing Tagged, an online dating platform whereby singles get to meet their life partners or soul mates. However, if you have been looking for a platform for hookups, dating, and meeting people, the tagged dating site is here to help. Therefore, you can be a part of the dating site today, meet your partner, and date on the platform by processing the Tagged sign up. The dating platform can be accessed in two places which include the Tagged online website and the app which can be downloaded on any mobile device but not available for desktop devices.

Tagged - Create a Free Tagged Account | Tagged Sign in

Furthermore, Tagged dating has been of help to some people most especially in the aspect of dating and finding partners. One of the benefits of using the tag dating site, it allows you to send and receive unlimited messages. Also, not only is Tagged chat known for dating. But you can also share tags and virtual gifts on the platform. If you want to find a partner who shares the same thoughts, beliefs, and views as you. You can meet them on the dating site, but only via the Tagged sign in or sign up on either the app or the website. The website is however accessible and free if you do not want to access the chat feature on the mobile app.

Tagged Mobile App

The fastest and easiest way to access Tagged chat is via the app which can be downloaded on only mobile devices. The Tagged mobile app enables you to do everything the website enables you to do. The mobile app is however available on iOS and also Android devices and it is free for download. Here are some steps by which you can follow to download the app on your mobile device;

  • Open your Google play store or app store.
  • Locate the tagged mobile app.
  • Click on the app from the results.
  • Click on the install or get button.

After downloading the mobile app on your mobile device, you can now process the tagged sign in and sign up to start using the dating platform. However, you cannot be a user of the dating platform without signing up for an account. Therefore, be a part of the dating site and get a partner today.

How to Sign up for an Account

New to tagged or do you want to be a user? The Tagged sign up process is what you should follow as it is a registration process to be a part of the dating community. Note that the sign-up process for the website and the mobile app is the same. Here are steps you should follow to sign up for a dating profile:

  • Open the mobile app or visit the tagged website.
  • Enter your required information on the sign-up page.
  • Click on the sign-up button.

After you have signed up with the Tagged dating site, you can now proceed to sign in so as to access your account. Logging into the dating platform allows you to keep your account active. Likewise, it enables you to meet, chat and connect with people based on your preference.

Tagged Sign in

Already have an account tagged? You should log in to your account as that is the only to be able to connect and meet new people. As well as send messages, meet people and also send and receive gifts. Tagged sign in is a process that must be taken before you can access your dating profile account. Therefore, for existing and new users of tag, you should follow these steps to sign in to tag;

  • Visit the website/open the mobile app.
  • Click on the account you would like to sign in with (Facebook, Google or Apple).
  • This can only be done if your account is linked to any of them.
  • Then follow the login procedures by entering your login credentials to sign in to your account.

In conclusion, tagged is a user-friendly platform whereby you can meet as many people as you want on the platform. However, the dating site does not require payments as it is free of charge and accessible for only individuals that have attained the age of 13 and above.