SoundCloud – Play Music, Audio & New Songs | SoundCloud App is a platform for distribution audio online. This is a web platform that has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud website enable users to upload, promote, record, and share sound originally created by the user online.

SoundCloud - Play Music, Audio & New Songs | SoundCloud App

This platform was founded in Stockholm, Sweden where it first started. Soundcloud was established in Berlin Germany 2007 in August by some professional sound designer Ljung and Swedish artist Wahlforss. These are the CEO and CTO of this platform.

Brief History of Soundcloud Music & Audio

This web platform is built basically to allow musicians and other users to share the recording with one another. After a while the concept turned out so great now becomes full publishing for musicians to share their music tracks. Making use of this platform allows artists to interact directly with their fans. Over time there had been platforms that support sharing and video share on the web. These are platforms like Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo that gives users access to share their video and photos online. is here for artists to share their music with users around the world. One great feature I love about this platform is the ability for artists to upload their music. There are two basic subscription services which are.

  • Soundcloud Pro
  • Soundcloud Go

These are the two major subscription services with different features. Such as the Pro allows musicians to upload high length of audio and other additional features. Why Go integrates licensed music from various labels into the existing account of the musician. Web Platform

This is one the best audio platform known as the world’s largest music and audio community where artists can share their songs or music. This is a platform that allows users to enjoy the best music selections. This is a well-built portal with lots of music files up for download by the creator of the music. Access the web is quite easy and simple but most users still find it so difficult. But here is a guideline for new users who wants to make full use of this platform. This is for both audio creators and end-users who want to listen to music on this platform.

In other to make full effective use of you need to sign up for an account. Creating an account gives you access to create a Playlist, Albums, Follow a user and lot more. This is an open platform where users can also access music with even signing up for an account. Sign Up

Signing up for an account is fast and easy for a user who wants to quickly create an account. Login to the web platform with the url which is the official url. Click on the create account icon and follow the instructions. To read more on How to Sign up or Sign Click Here. What’s The Web Platform

On there are millions of music and sounds up for every user who wants to listen to them. This is an essay to use web platform with standard menu and icons that users can easily click through. On the main menu, you can access eight major tabs which are.

  • Home.
  • Collection.
  • Search Bar.
  • Upload.
  • User Account.
  • Notifications.
  • Messages.
  • Main Menu.

These are the major important Categories on this platform. From the home menu section, user can hear the latest post from the people he or she is following. This can be done when the user clicks on home and stream. There is also a section called charts on the main menu. On the charts section user get access to the most played track on weekly.

You can choose between top 50 tracks and New & hot track on the drop down menu. A user can also select the genre the music falls in. also have a discover section where a user can get access to suggested tracks based on tracks he or she has played or liked. There is also a section on the right side where users can follow the artist and look for who to follow.

User on the SoundCloud platform can always create a Playlist, play music online, skip tracks on lock screen,

Soundcloud App

If you have been making use of this platform please be aware that you can now access this platform via a mobile app. Downloading the app on your mobile store is free you can get the app download to your iPhone (apple) or Android device.

Making use of Soundcloud app on your mobile device let you discover amazing hip-hop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, podcasts, audiobooks, sports and much more. This is a platform that has over 135 Million tracks that been uploaded for users to listen to.

On this platform, a user can discover new and trending music that can’t be seen any anywhere else. There are also other features users can make use off when they have the app on their device. Such as saving music to your collection, get suggested tracks, connect with friends and also have access to communicate with your favorite artists using the comments section, and lots more.

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