Sofi Loans – Apply For Instant Loans Online

Have you been having issues with sponsoring your finances? Are you looking for a lender or are you tired of being duped by some lending office? Sofi loans have a solution to your challenges financially. Sofi with its amazing features outshines other companies of lenders. It is a legit lending office that offers affordable payment in return.

Sofi Loans - Apply For Instant Loans Online

Social finance popularly known as Sofi was founded by four students who met at Stanford graduate school of business in the summer of 2011. The four students who found this company hopes that social finance will help other students who are in much debt just to sponsor their education. Since then, thousands of reviews have shown that it provides a better lending service.

Furthermore, Sofi is an online personal finance company that offers financial products like; student and auto loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, investing, and banking through a mobile app or desktop devices.

Benefits of Sofi Loans

Sofi loans offer standard features and that is why it stands out amongst other lending companies. Also, if you are looking for the best platforms to visit to take loans, Sofi is the best option for you. Moreover, there are lots of benefits you would enjoy from taking loans from the money lending company. See the benefits Sofi offers below;

No Fees

Paying back on Sofi is very much affordable, making your payment late is not a crime, and you won’t be charged for late payment. They don’t charge for originated fees late payments or prepayment fees. Unlike other lending companies. Finding a company that doesn’t change a fee is very rare.

Term Availability

The repayment term for Sofi loans is 2 years, it is also offered with choices that you can pay in high amounts for a shorter term and you can also pay in lower term with low monthly payments.

Offer Co-signed Loans

Sofi loans allow, borrowers, to add a co-signer to their application. The capability of the guarantor financially can also decide if you get a high percent loan or low.

Free Career and Financing Advising

Sofi also provides coaching sessions to its customers to help them with job vacancies, personal branding, and career transition. You can also get financial advice from professionals on making budgets for business, making investments, and saving for the future.

Offers Mobile App to Manage Loan

This app can be used to apply for loans and make payments. It can also be used to check available loans.

Sofi offers standard benefits alongside its loans, it educates its, users, financially and this is this will help in making financial decisions in the future. It is very rare to see these benefits in other loaning companies.

Requirements for Sofi Loans

Sofi loans do not usually reveal their requirements to their borrowers, but the customer services have it that customers with high credit are likely to qualify. So, to qualify for Sofi loans, you should meet up with the requirements below;

  • Residence: You must be a legal adult of your state and must leave where Sofi operates.
  • Citizenship: Must also be a US citizen, either a visa holder or permanent resident, and permanent and non-permanent residents must have documents showing that immigration status is still current.
  • Employment status: You also be an income earner, or have employment within 90 days. If you are not employed at the time you want to take the loan, then must have a source of income.

Meeting up with all of these requirements will make you qualify for the loans. Also, you would have to state the kind of purpose you want to use the loan for. As Sofi loans do not operate as some kind of loan request.

How To Download Sofi Loans App

For easier access to Sofi Loan, you can use the mobile app. Besides, it is free and Sofi company even allows its users to gain unlimited access to it. Can’t download the app? Here are simple steps on how to go about that using either your android or iOS device below;

On Android

  • Visit the google play store on your android device.
  • Then, go to the search bar and type ‘’Sofi loans app’’.
  • After the given result, click on install to download the app.
  • After the downloading process, the app will be added to the applications on your home screen.

On iOS

  • Launch the apple play store on your iOS device
  • On the search bar, type ‘’Sofi loans app’’.
  • Then tap install to download the app.

With these download steps, you can now use the loan request app to request loans on your mobile device whenever you need one.

How to Apply for a Sofi Loans

Applying for Sofi loans is very easy provided that you have downloaded the app. Follow the steps below to download the app.

  • Visit the app on your device,
  • Provide the basic information needed before the application process.
  • To apply, provide proof of photo ID, proof of income, and other documents stated.
  • After you are approved, sign your loan documents.

Sofi will send the fund a week after you sent your application, some funds come faster immediately after your application or after that day. Sofi loans have created more standards for themselves by helping other people overcome financial challenges and save for the future.

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