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Movies are known to be one of the best sources of entertainment. Therefore, before the introduction of movie websites, we buy cd cassettes and make visits to cinemas which could be at times very stressful. But now, with the introduction of the movies platform, we get to watch and download movies just right there in our comfort zones. One of these movies websites that have made this possible is is a website dedicated to the provision of movies to its users for the purpose of entertainment when streamed or downloaded. The website brings you top movies from all aspects and in different categories without you having to pay or register. - Watch Free HD Movies Online | Soap 2day

Furthermore, in case you want to stream or download movies that belong to the romance category or any other of your favorite category, the website has made all that available for you. comes with a lot of features which have made it one of the best choices for us. The movie website offers unlimited sources of entertainment, allows you to watch shows without the need for payment compared to when we still used the old ways of watching movies. Another interesting fact about is that it has an interface that is very easy to operate and also provides movies of High quality for its users.

About Soap2day. com

But on the contrary to these, is an illegal movies website and could attract penalties if caught performing any function on the site. These functions which the website enables you to perform are both streaming and downloading. website is considered to be a threat to movies industries as it uploads movies upon release for users to stream and download. It uploads most of its movies without a copyright license. And has also created some domains by which it can be accessed. These domains include;,,,,,,, and If ever one of these websites is shut down or inaccessible, the others are available for you to stream or download from. Genres

One of the biggest features of is that all of its official domains contain a very large collection of movies. Most of these movies have been grouped according to content into different Genres. All you just have to do is locate your favorite Genre, click on it and select a movie of your choice. These genres include;

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Fantasy
  • Kids
  • Reality
  • Science Fiction
  • Tv Movie
  • Western
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  •  History
  • Music
  •  Romance
  • Soap
  • War & Politics
  • Crime
  • Family
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • War

With these Genres, you can make your selection of movies on the website. But note that not all of the websites which are the other domain sites have these categories. Some might have a different way it has categorized movies for you as a user of the site. Just click on the type of movie you want to stream as it could have Top movies. As well as, Tv series, Movies, Sports, and many more available for you.

How to Stream Movies on

After locating a movie on, the next step to take is either to stream or process the download of that movie. However, streaming movies on doesn’t require you to pay nor register as mentioned above. But you are liable to come across some disturbing ads. But streaming movies on the site is totally free. By the way, here are steps to take to stream movies on the site;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the site you want to visit from the domains listed for you.
  3. Click on the home button to proceed into the site.
  4. Locate and select a movie of your choice.
  5. On the movie page click on the play button.
  6. Cancel ads and redirections.
  7. Click on the play button again.
  8. Your movie would begin automatically.

You can also switch to the old player if you prefer to stream the movie with the old player. This is because the player has been upgraded. In addition, you can also process login/sign up on either with the use of your Facebook, Twitter, or the manual sign up/login on the Soap2day website.

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