Skype is a telecommunication app that has the specialty of providing its users with voice over internet protocol-based video and voice calls. Aside from users being able to do video calls and voice calls on the Skype app, the app also gives the privilege to send messages instantly, transfer files, make debit-based calls both to landline and mobile phones. However, to be a Skype user requires a registration process.

Skype - Voice and Video Calls on | Skype App

Furthermore, Skype is available for any user and can function on any device which includes desktop, mobile, and video game platforms. Users can for an account with an email address or phone number on any of these devices. Also, you can use Skype for business as it supports conference call video chats of 25 people screen sharing at a time for free of charge. But it online site does not allow the use of its platform for the calling of emergency numbers. Skype online can also be used for business purposes both online and also on the mobile app. Aside from using the platform via the app, you can also log in/create an account online.

Skype Web

Skype cannot only be accessed via the app. Although, the Skype web is available for you in case of emergencies and when you don’t have your device available. You can still connect to the platform using the web. Skype web doesn’t require the downloading of the application or extension to video call with people. It only requires visiting the website. It is also known to be the easiest way to accessing and enjoying all of Skype’s online unique features.

Skype Download

As mentioned earlier, Skype is available for any device which includes desktop (mac, windows, Linux), mobile devices, and video game platforms. Therefore, to use the platform on any of these devices except you want to access the platform via the web, the skype download process is necessary. However, steps by which you can proceed the download are hereby listed below;


Skype for Mac

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select “downloads” from the menu at the top screen of the page
  3. Click on the “get Skype for Mac” link
  4. If being asked where you want to save to, you can save to desktop
  5. After downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file that have been saved
  6. Then drag the icon to your Applications folder.

Skype for Windows

  1. Visit the skype website @
  2. Click on the download button which is at the top of the homepage
  3. Once the download page is opened, the download will start automatically
  4. After the download is complete, save to disc.

Skype for Linux

  1. Visit the website using your internet browser
  2. Click the download button
  3. Select download for Linux DEB file
  4. Double click file and click on open then install the file.

Skype for Android and iOS)

  • Open your google play/ app store
  • Using the store search engine, locate the app
  • Click on Skype from the result
  • Click on the “install” or “get” button

The download will be done in just a little time which depends on how strong your internet connection is. After you have installed it on your device, you can then process the Skype sign up if you do not have an account or you are new to the platform.

Skype Sign-up

Skype sign up is a registration process that must be taken in order to have the free license to all the features of Skype which includes free video and voice calls, instant messages, and many more. The only way to access and enjoy these features plus the app features as an extra is by following these steps listed below to sign up.

Sign up on th Web

  • Visit the Skype login website
  • Click on the “create one” link
  • Select your Country mobile code and enter your phone number
  • You can also use email to sign up by clicking on the “sign up with email instead” link
  • Enter your email address
  • Then create a password
  • Click on the next button
  • Enter your name and click on the next button
  • Verify your Phone number/email

Sign up on the App

  • Install and open the app on your device
  • Click on the sign in or create button
  • Click on the create account link
  • Select your country mobile code and enter your phone number
  • Also, you will need to create a strong password

After that, you will then need to click on the Next button. You will lastly, be taken to another page where you will need to enter your name and verify your phone or email.  These are the easy steps on how to access the Skype sign up apparently.