Most people don’t really know what the Skout app is all about. Well, I am here today to correct that. To start with, what is Skout? Skout is a web application for social networking based on location. This app basically uses location to match people. The Skout app is as much a dating app as it is a social media. Skout uses the cellphone global positioning system to help users find others within the general radius. It is also wise to know that this app does not track down a person’s precise location. The location tracking can also be turned off manually.

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Having said so much about Skout let me introduce you to the app. Well, I’ve heard a lot about mobile applications and I think they are one of the best. In the world today, over seventy percent uses a smartphone. There are features on the smartphone that helps people stay connected to the world and the internet as a whole. If all these people use smart devices, what better way to sell this dating application? The more people on the platform equal the effectiveness of matching you with someone. The Skout application is available on both the android and the iOS platforms.

Download the Skout App

Downloading the Skout app is pretty easy. First, you have to make sure you have a good mobile store. There are also external servers that you can get this app from but I prefer the Google play store or app store on iOS. Follow the steps indexed below to download the Skout app.

  • Open the mobile store on your device.
  • Search for “Skout” in the store.
  • You would be directed to the app page on the store.
  • Find the “install” button on the page and click on it to install the app.

Wait for the download to be complete and the app would be automatically installed on your device. After the Application has been added to your phone screen, you can open it to sign up for an account on the app or make use of the web.

Sign Up for a Skout Account

On the contrary, creating a Skout dating account is totally free and also stress-free. If you want to create one and meet the world around you. The following process below gives you guidance on how to create a Skout account.

  • Open a web browser of your choice and launch the Skout website at
  • When the site opens, you would see a form. On that form, you would see a social button on top. You can easily use those buttons to sign up. When you click it, simply follow the onscreen instructions to finish the steps.
  • If you want to continue manually, simply enter your name, date of birth, gender and your interests on the form provided.
  • Now, click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the form.
  • On the new page, enter your email address and your password. After entering the required details, hit the green “NEXT” button at the bottom of the page.

Simply follow the instructions that provide you the guide to complete your account set up. Once your account is set up, you can start meeting people by using the various services feature provided to members.

Sign In on the Skout App

The Skout app’s the fastest means to receive updates on any changes concerning your account. For this reason, signing in to Skout on the app is very important. Follow the steps below to sign in to Skout on the app.

  • Open the app drawer on your device.
  • Launch the Skout app by clicking on the icon.
  • When the app opens up, find the log in button and click on it.
  • Enter your log in the email address or Skout ID and password in the text field provided.
  • Hit the login button at the bottom of the form.

Wait for the information enter to process in other to authenticate access to your Skout account. Ensure that you don’t stop the process so as not to start all over again. Finally, this will log you into your Skout account on mobile or PC