Signal App – Download Private Messenger for Android & iOS

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Research has shown that millions of people globally use Signal App to stay connected with people that matter most irrespective of their geographical location and for free. The service was developed by the non-profit Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Massager LLC on July 29, 2014. Since its inception, Signal through its messaging App has been able to provide its users with an encrypted instant messaging service. With Signal App, you can conveniently and securely send and receive messages. Participate in HD and high-quality voice or video calls, share important moments with people that matter, and more.

Signal App - Download Private Messenger for Android & iOS

In addition, the Signal App is compatible with Mobile and Desktop operating systems; you can download and install Signal on your android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux applications. You don’t need to pay a dime to make use of the app but you will need a strong Wi-Fi or Date connection.  Users can make international and local calls, send and receive text messages, send voice notes, pictures, and Gifs via their Signal App. Or you can connect and communicate with your Friends, Family, Colleagues, and more on Signal by creating a group chat.  Instantaneous communication has never been easier with Signal App.

Is Signal a Safe App?

Yes, Signal App is completely safe and secure to make use of as the app comes with an encrypted messaging feature. The developers of the app made use of a top and advanced feature that prevents third-party access to your account. Your personal information as well as your messages are safe from third-party access such as your phone company or the government. Note that; your information will never be disclosed without your permission. Check out the next outline for steps and guidelines on how to download and install the app.

Signal App Download

Signal App as mentioned can be downloaded on your Desktop and Mobile devices for free. To download the app on your Mobile devices, you can visit your Google Play or iOS store or you can visit any reliable APK store online. However, for Desktop users, you will need to visit the official website of Signal to download the app on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux. Steps and guidelines on how to download the app will be provided below this write-up.

Download Signal App on Android and iOS Devices

  • Open your Google Play or App Store
  • Search for Signal App using the search engine and tap on it once found
  • Click on INSTALL OR GET
  • The app will start downloading on your device
  • Once downloaded, Open and Launch the app

Signal App Download on Desktop

  • Open any of your desktop web browser
  • Visit the official website of Signal
  • On the homepage, click on GET SIGNAL
  • This will take you to another page
  • At the right side of the page, you will find the download icon based on your desktop systems
  • Tap on the download icon based on your Desktop eg; Download for Windows or Signal For Mac
  • Once downloaded, allow the app run on your Desktop by tapping on RUN
  • Install and launch Signal App on your Desktop

Note that; to use Signal App on your Desktop operating systems, you need to first download and install the mobile app on your smartphones directly from Google Play or the iOS store.

How to Sign Up for Signal Private Messenger

Signing up for Signal is simple and easy to go about. You will need a mobile number to sign up for an account and you won’t be required to pay a dime. After downloading the app on your device, you can follow the steps and guidelines below to sign up for a free account;

  • Open the Signal Private Messenger  App on your device
  • Allow the app access your device
  • Select your country
  • Enter your country code and mobile number
  • Click on NEXT and a verification code will be sent to your device
  • Enter the verification code and wait for the page to load
  • Proceed to set up your profile by entering your username  and then tap on next
  • Create a 4 digit password and tap on next
  • Confirm your password by re-entering it

Lastly, wait for your password to be verified and after which, you can proceed to start chatting and communicating with your friends, family, and love ones on the platform for free.