Do you want to sign up for a New Facebook Account? That is however not a big deal. As you can do it using the Facebook mobile app or the website. As we already know, Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to create profiles and connect with friends, families, and even make new friends online. On this platform, you can share pictures, music, videos, article, and many more with a lot of people. Through either your newsfeed or in DMs.  But before any of these can be done, one has to first sign up for Facebook New Account. How is that done? You would get to know right here in this article.

Sign Up for Facebook New Account - Create New Facebook Account | Facebook Sign up Account

Facebook Sign-up is a very compulsory and important step that ought to be taken before you can use the platform. The reason is, that the sign-up builds up a profile for you so that other users can easily find you on the platform. Aside from that, the sign-up also enables you to get login info. So that whenever you want to sign in to your account, you would be able to. Signing up for Facebook, however, doesn’t require that much info. All you just need to provide is your first name, surname, mobile number/email address, password, DOB, and gender. And you do not have to be up to 18 to create a Facebook account.

How to Sign up for a New Facebook Account

As said earlier, signing up for a Facebook account is very easy to do. All you just need to do is provide the required details. There are also two ways in which you can sign up. You can either use the app or the website to sign up. If the app is your choice, note that installing it on your device is compulsory. And also that there is no desktop. So it’s only available on your mobile device app store. Be it Google Play or the app store. Here are steps on how to sign up for a Facebook new account below;

Facebook Sign up online

  • Visit the Facebook official website @
  • Click on the “create new account” button
  • On the redirected page, enter your required information
  • Click on Sign up to proceed to the next step

Facebook Sign up via App

  • Download the Facebook App
  • Open the app and click on the create new account button
  • On the redirected page, enter your required details
  • Click sign up
  • Choose either to save your account to the device or not.

After signing up, you might be required to verify your mobile number or email address before you can proceed with your account. A code will be sent to you. Then you would have to enter the code into the space provided for it to verify your number or email. Also while creating an account, you can add a backup email address or mobile number. This would come in handy when you want to recover your account.

Facebook Login

After you have created a Facebook account, login in is however necessary. This is because the login enables you to access your account. However, just like the sign-up, you can also sign in to your Facebook account using either the website or the app. And compared to the sign-up, the login is easier and faster and also requires just a little info. Here are steps on how to login to Facebook below;

  • Visit the website or Open the app
  • On the login page, enter your mobile number and email address
  • Click on the login button

When you have entered into your account, you can now add friends, give your profile a befitting look and say hi to anyone who has accepted your friend request or sent you one. Aside from a friend request, you can also send a message request to start conversations with people.