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Home REVIEWS Shopping Cart – Online Store Platforms

Shopping Cart – Online Store Platforms

by admin

Do you want to access products easily that you have bought from the Shopify stores? If yes then you should read this article. Many people go to and do shopping and find it hard to move the items been shopped. You can easily carry your items on this cart and roll it with you on any shop. Select the product of your choice and put it in the shopping cart. It makes it easy for you to shop for a lot of products.

Shopping Cart - Online Store Platforms

Benefits of A Shopping Cart On the Shopify Platform

There are lots of features that the shopping carts offers to it users on the shopping platform. I will like to tell you some interesting.

  • It is secured and safe.
  • You can buy products in bulk.
  • It gives account of your products.
  • Makes products to be easily delivered.

These are some features the shopping cart possesses.

How To Use the Shopping Cart Online Shopify Platform

The shopping cart is not that difficult to use on the Shopify platform, well most people don’t know to use the shopping cart. To use the shopping is very easy, just login to your Shopify account and buy any product and it will be inserted into your shopping cart and it will be delivered to you. In order words each time you buy anything online your shopping cart becomes active. This is how to use the shopping cart.

But note that the Shopify platform is not the only platform you can use the shopping cart in, you can also use the shopping cart in other marketing platforms. Before you can use the shopping cart on the Shopify platform you must learn how to create a store and login to the store.

How to Create an Account On The Shopify Platform

If you want to create an account on the Shopify platform, then you will have to follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser or chrome on your device.
  • Visit www. shopify.com.
  • Click on the “start free trial” button at the top of the screen.
  • Make sure you enter your email and your password, also your store name. Make sure the store name has not been used by another person.
  • After that click on the create store below the boxes.
  • Then your store will be created.
  • You will now have to fill in the important details.
  • Your names, address, apartments, city, country, state, phone number, your zip or postal code, enter any of your personal website.
  • Then click on “enter my store”.

These are the steps for you to create your account on the Shopify platform.

How to Login To the Shopify Platform

To access your store and do some shopping is not hard at all. It is simple but most people find it difficult, here are some tips to guide on how to access your store on the Shopify platform.

  • Enter your browser or chrome.
  • Go to www.shopify.com.
  • Click on login at the top of the screen or page.
  • Now enter your shop address. Which is your shop name with a – at the middle.
  • Make sure you put a – sign at the middle space of your names and also add.myshopify.com. For example {precious – kings.myshopify.com} and then click on next.

These are the steps for you to access your store on the Shopify platform.

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