What are Shopify shops? Do you want to buy or sell products online? Well if you do then you should continue reading this article. As we all know a business owner or marketer wants his or her business to move to the next level, well this article will tell you how you can expand your business online. The Shopify shops on the platform that can make your business or market reach the next level.

Shopify Shops - Shopify Online Store |Shopify Account

On the Shopify shops you can easily sell your products and people can also easily buy from you. You can run or manage this Shopify platform at any location. You don’t need to go and rent or buy a store before you can sell your goods and services this platform has made everything for you easier. I will like to explain to you what Shopify and shop really are before proceeding ahead.

What Is Shopify

Shopify is a platform or an organization rather, that allows only registered members to create a business online and be able to manage the business online. You can easily run your market or business on this platform, but before you can do so you will need to be a user or a member of the platform. If you are a member or a user of the Shopify platform you will enjoy the benefits it offers.

What Is Shop

A shop is a place where items are been sold to customers. With this shop, you can store the items that you want to sell. And this shop enables your customers to reach you faster and easier. In other words, it helps people to locate you and buy your products.

Importance Of the Shopify Shops

The Shopify shops have a lot of importance in the life of the users on the Shopify platform. I will like to tell you about some importance this Shopify shop has. Here are some importance’s listed below.

  • It makes customers reach you easily.
  • Let’s you create your own theme or design on the Shopify platform.
  • You can order for any item of your choice.
  • View your analytics.
  • Can create a blog post.
  • Also, you can see your customers you are selling your products to.
  • Explore other apps on the platform.
  • View your discounts too.
  • You can also see pages.

These are some of its importance the Shopify shops have. To enjoy these features or importance you will need to be a registered member and create your own store on the platform.

How to Sign Up On the Shopify Platform

To sign up on the Shopify platform is not that tough, it is very simple and easy. I will give you some tips that will guide you on how to sign up on the Shopify platform.

  • Access your browser or chrome on your device.
  • Go to shopify.com.
  • Click on the button that says “start free trial” at the top of the screen.
  • Make sure you enter your email and your password, also your store name. Make sure the store name has not been used by another person.
  • After that click on the create store below the boxes.
  • Then your store will be created.
  • You will now have to fill in the important details.
  • Your names, address, apartments, city, country, state, phone number, your zip or postal code, enter any of your personal websites.
  • Then click on “enter my store”.

These are the steps you will follow when you want to sign up on the Shopify platform, after that you will successfully be a registered member on the platform, along with the signing you will be able to create your own store on the platform.

How to Login To the Shopify Platform

To login to your shop on the Shopify platform isn’t that difficult at all, although most people find it tough, I will tell you how you can easily access your Shopify shop on the platform.

  • Enter your browser or chrome.
  • Go to www.shopify.com.
  • Click on login at the top of the screen or page.
  • Now enter your shop address. Which is your shop name with a – at the middle.
  • Make sure you put a – sign at the middle space of your names and also add.myshopify.com. For example {Jason – black.myshopify.com} and then click on next.

After this you will now access your shop on the Shopify platform.